Aiden & Josh's Tag Team

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Aiden & Josh's Tag Team

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Added: December 10, 2010 | Video Length: 19:56 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Ever since Aiden's debut, I know everyone has been waiting to see him in action again. This muscle stud was an instant hit. Now, he's continuing his CF education here with Josh and Ashley in some tag team action!

The bedroom heats up immediately. The guys kiss Ashley all over. She's a lucky girl to get so much hot guy at one time! The clothes come off and Josh gets first crack at eating her out. He also fingers her, while she and Aiden bite, suck and kiss each others' nipples.

Ashley can't wait to get his huge cock out. Aiden's vocal about how great her mouth feels on his dick. Ashley takes turns sucking both guys off. She says she can't decide which one she wants first. We should all have such problems!

Aiden keeps grabbing her tits as she sucks him while jerking Josh. Then she sucks Josh and jerks Aiden. She finally picks Josh to fuck her first. I'm not sure if Josh felt competitive with the much- beefier Aiden, as some straight guys do when tagging a girl. Regardless, Josh rammed into her with an intensity I don't think I've seen in him before.

Aiden is amazed at how hot they looked together. Ashley yelps and moans whenever her mouth isn't filled with Aiden's huge dick. Aiden lies on the bed so Ashley can suck him while Josh drills her. “Oh, god, I'm soaking wet!” she laughs.

Josh jackhammers her. Aiden glances up and gives Josh a wry smile. There are certain moments that are hot because of what's happening, and some because they are just spontaneous glances or touches. Seeing Aiden smile like that was as hot as any fuck I've filmed. Well … almost.

Ashley rides Aiden's cock and sucks Josh's dick. Aiden looks up and says “That's fucking hot.” He pounds away. Both guys are loving using Ashley at both ends. And she's in ecstasy, being used by two hot guys with big dicks!

Josh stands over Aiden to get another blow job from Ashley. Aiden fucks her so hard, Josh almost stumbles off the bed, but recovers quickly! Ashley stuffs his cock back in her mouth to keep him balanced.

Aiden fingers her while he fucks her. She moans with pleasure. Josh plays with her tits while she gobbles his cock down her throat again. The guys switch places and Aiden fills her throat with his huge cock, almost choking her.

Josh drives into her and she whimpers between mouthfuls of Aiden's cock. Josh can't hold back. He pulls out and shoots straight up between her tits!

Aiden jumps inside her and rams her, fucking like a machine! He cums like crazy all over her stomach and shivers from his explosive climax.

“Oh that's beautiful,” Ashley says. The guys kiss her and they head to the shower. In the shower, Ashley kisses both of them, Aiden's long dick still half-hard. As the water splashes over them, they rub each other and kiss. Aiden tells her how much he liked her sucking his nipples.

Now we know what turns our new freshman on!

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