Ashley Dominates Dawson & Cain

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Ashley Dominates Dawson & Cain

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Added: May 27, 2011 | Video Length: 29:47 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


Ashley's been with us for a long time. And she always seemed like the perfect girl-next-door. Who knew she had such a naughty – and kinky – side? As Dawson and Cain find out, this blonde beauty can keep even these muscled studs in line!

Ashley comes into the bedroom with some rope. She ties Cain's arms behind him as Dawson watches. She has a little trouble with Cain's beefy arms, but she ties a solid knot around his wrists.

Dawson stands up to get his hands tied. Cain struggles to get free, but Ashley did her job right – he's not going anywhere. Once both guys are bound, she pushes Dawson to the bed and pulls their heads back to kiss them. Dawson says he was scared at first, but now he's excited.

Ashley pushes Cain and Dawson face down on the bed and smacks their asses. She makes Dawson suck Cain's cock. She asks Cain if Dawson is as good as she is at sucking cock. Ashley tells Cain bend over and suck Dawson. She strokes Cain's uncut cock.

Cain deepthroats Dawson. Ashley has them roll over and present their asses. She smacks both asses and fingers them, getting them ready for what's coming. When Dawson chuckles at Cain's predicament, Ashley tells him she's going to put him in his place.

Dawson gets his ankles tied up. Ashley guides Cain's thick cock into Dawson's hole, and makes Dawson say “please” after she tells him to ask for a fucking! Cain slides in, getting Dawson ready for Ashley!

Cain pounds Dawson as Ashley talks dirty to him, saying how hot the scene is getting her. After Dawson's been fucked, Ashley puts on her strap-on! She feeds it to him, making him suck the dildo. Cain is jerking off, and Ashley makes him stop. “This isn't about you,” she commands. “Is it? Who's this about?” “You” Cain says. Good boy!

Ashley smacks Dawson's perfect bubble butt again before fingering his tight hole. She shoves the strap-on deep into him. She tells him that his whole body his her toy – and he smiles and agrees. Ashley tells him to thank her for fucking him. He thanks her repeatedly!

Now it's Cain's turn! On his back, he sucks Dawson's dick. Ashley shoves her strap-on into his ass. She penetrates way up inside him. She makes Cain ask to get fucked as well, and he asks enthusiastically - even with his mouth full of Dawson's cock.

Dawson takes over and fucks Cain, his hands tied above his head. Cain eats Ashley's pussy as she makes him beg Dawson to fuck him. Then, she has Dawson fuck her as she lays over Cain, giving him a front row seat. In the heat of the moment, Dawson smacks her ass. Ashley's not having that! She pushes him down on the bed to discipline him. He won't be doing that again!

Cain licks Ashley's pussy as Dawson pounds her. Dawson comes inside her, his ripped muscles shaking from the intense release! Ashley tells Cain to get every last drop of Dawson's load out of her pussy! It drips onto him, and he drives his tongue inside her to get every drop. Dawson even manages to squeeze a few last drops into Cain's mouth!

Dawson takes Cain's place on the bed and watches him pound Ashley. Dawson says “I want you to come … both of you.” Cain slams into her harder. She squeals in ecstasy as Cain blasts his load inside her. Dawson sucks every bit of cum out of her. Cain helps lick her clean.

Whew! Definitely one of our most intense scenes ever. I'm getting out of here, before Ashley gets that rope on me!

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