Ashley Dominates Rudy and Jordan

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Ashley Dominates Rudy and Jordan

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Added: December 23, 2011 | Video Length: 24:33 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Whenever we get two of the guys together with Ashley … they know what's coming! But this time she brought a surprise … some floggers!

But Rudy and new freshman Jordan didn't seem nervous at all. Jordan had already played with Ashley and her toy. But now, he and Rudy's hands were tied behind their backs. Ashley playfully strokes their cocks as they face each other.

Ashley makes them 69 each other. She berates Jordan, telling him he can suck a dick better than that. She tells Jordan not to forget Rudy's balls, either. Ashley pushes Jordan's head farther down onto Rudy's cock. She shifts their position slightly. Ashley smacks Jordan's ass with her flogger while Rudy blows him.

Ashley then pushes Rudy's head down onto Jordan's cock. She doesn't think their cocksucking is up to par – so she smacks them again and again with her flogger. She asks if they need dick-sucking classes! She thrusts Jordan's cock down Rudy's throat, making him gag on it.

Jordan blows Rudy as Ashley positions her pussy over Rudy's face. He eats her out. She makes Rudy turn over and get his ass in the air, so Jordan can eat out his ass.

Ashley smacks Jordan's cheeks with her flogger while he drills his tongue into Rudy's hole. She watches Jordan rim Rudy, then she lubes up Jordan's hole. She fingers his ass, but says Jordan's tight ass isn't ready for her yet. She unties Rudy, so he can fuck her while she continues to work on Jordan.

Rudy fucks Ashley and fingers Jordan at the same time. She makes Jordan tell her he wants her to fuck him. He does and he yells it out! She puts on her strap-on while Rudy primes Jordan's hole for her.

Ashley makes Jordan beg for her cock. He's so tight, she makes him hold his cheeks open for her dildo. She shoves it in and pounds his ass. Rudy strokes his cock as he watches Jordan get railed. Ashley tells Rudy to go around and fill Jordan's mouth.

Jordan sucks and licks Rudy's nuts while he gets fucked. Jordan wants to fuck Rudy now, so he asks Ashley nicely if he can. Rudy gets on all fours. Jordan lubes him up and slides his cock into him.

Ashley continues to shove her dildo into Jordan's ass. She wants him to come all over Rudy's ass. Jordan blasts his load all over Rudy's hole. Ashley tells him to shove that cum into Rudy's ass. So, Jordan creampies Rudy!

Rudy fucks Ashley as Jordan lies underneath, watching Rudy fuck her. Ashley tells him to suck on her clit while he'd down there. Rudy comes inside Ashley. She makes Jordan clean the cum out of her.

I wonder what she thinks of their sucking abilities now?

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