Bi Fuck Fest

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Bi Fuck Fest

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Added: June 10, 2008 | Video Length: 13:46 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


After filming this video, I sat around trying to think of what to call it. Getting three young studs and a girl into a full on bi video was quite an accomplishment, and I felt it deserved a really cool name! What's more, bi films that are out there almost invariably have some name that plays on the term "bi". Ideas included "Four bi Four", "Bi Bi Guys", "Bi the Bi" and a whole host of other horribly cheesy names! haha. Thankfully, saner thoughts prevailed and we stuck to CF's roots by... bi?... calling it "Bi Fuck Fest".

And a Fuck Fest it is, indeed. A whole lot of fucking takes place on the bed in this vid, and a whole lot of that fucking is fast, furious, and intense! I half expected the paintings to fall off the wall as everyone got so loud, the bed was shaking so much, and the guys really started to go all out.

This is Trent's first appearance here on ACS, and he arguably gets to have the most fun here! Not only does he get to fuck Cassie, but he also gets to do it while Dawson and Lucas are all over the place, their dicks and hands and tongues getting put to good work all over and with everyone. Trent also then gets fucked silly, as he and Cassie are on their backs, legs in the air, with Dawson and Lucas totally drilling them! It was as if Dawson and Lucas were competing against one another to see who could pound their partner the hardest!

Along with all the kissing, sucking, licking and fucking that take place here, the guys also were definitely feeding off of one another's energy. As Trent is about to shoot with Lucas' cock pistoning in and out of his ass, his approaching orgasm gets Dawson to start pumping Cassie harder and faster and push himself over the edge, as well! You'll even see how I almost had trouble keeping up with their orgasms as they came so close together! All that gets Lucas to the edge, as well, and he soon follows with his own blast!

I have to admit, while filming it all and thinking to myself, "This is hot, hot, hot!" I also kept thinking, "We're going to have to buy a new bed!".

Thankfully, the bed survived :) Thankfully, as well, all the energy and intense foreplay and fucking made for a really hot vid and our first Bi Fuck Fest!

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