Cain & Addison

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Cain & Addison

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Added: January 27, 2010 | Video Length: 14:48 Minutes | Photos: 19 Photos


I have high hopes for Cain. He's a young 18 years old, and looks as hot as could be. So, there's really no telling what kind of hot action we could see him in soon! While I'm doing my utmost to encourage him to give some guy/guy action a thought as I can't help but believe he'd look amazing getting it on with another stud, I was also tremendously excited about filming him in some action here on ACS!

Despite being so young, Cain came to CF with a fair amount of wild sexual experiences under his belt! Fun with older women, threesomes and foursomes are just a few of the things we know he's done! That big, uncut cock and those bulging muscles have made it pretty easy for him to land a hot girl when he's wanted to, and he's taken full advantage of that! So I knew he'd be more than comfortable in front of the cameras and put on a hot show as we hooked him up with Addison and fired up the cameras!

Cain doesn't disappoint, here! His dick is rock-hard before it's even sprung from his boxer briefs. That tight tummy of his, those defined abs, and those incredible pecs were looking as good as ever as every last bit of his clothes came off and he and Addison got wrapped up in one another. He wasn't timid or shy, nervous or anxious (at least, it didn't show!). Rather, he was horny, fired up, and ready to fuck!

Even Addison couldn't wait to feel his dick in her! They waste little time in getting to the fucking, as Addison sits on Cain's hard dick and he's soon pounding up into her, using his hands to grip her waist and move her up and down on his cock.

Once Cain gets her on to her back, he resumes fucking her hard and deep. Girls have complimented Cain on that hot ass of his, but I don't think any of them ever got as good a view of it as we do while we see him pump and thrust into Addison hard and fast, that ass of his moving back and forth and up and down. While his hips are fucking her rough, he's making out with her passionately and deeply.

He gets her on to her hands and knees so he can keep fucking her hard, sweat building up on that muscular chest of his. I guess Cain's definitely learned a thing or two during his wild sexual encounters, as he's totally going all out here! Getting Addison on to her back, the pace of his thrusts pick up as he's totally drilling her and using every inch of that hard dick to drive her wild.

It had been building up in him for awhile, and soon Cain pulls out to blast off a big, thick load, milking every last drop out of his dick!

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