Cain & Danielle's Kitchen Fuck

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Cain & Danielle's Kitchen Fuck

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Added: January 18, 2012 | Video Length: 18:35 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


Believe me – there's nothing hotter than watching a young muscle god like Cain pound another hot guy. Especially with that massive cock (and his pecs, and his biceps that are almost as big around as Zeb's entire body!)

But it can be just as hot to watch a stud like Cain fuck a girl! For me, part of the appeal of these guys fucking other guys is the undeniable fact, that - for most of them – it's outside their comfort zone.

These guys learn a lot about themselves at CF. It also helps them discover things they personally like. Primarily, of course, we teach them how enjoyable sex can be with another guy. Still, most go home and fuck girls in their real life. Usually, those girls are the recipients of great new techniques!

While I never stop enjoying watching and filming guy/guy action, I find it's still exciting to see what guys do with a girl – especially after they've been at CF a while. Cain shows us, and Danielle, what he's learned – right on the kitchen counter!

Danielle is one of our most enthusiastic girls and she's been wanting a crack at Cain. He picks Danielle up and sits her on the counter. Their clothes come off. Cain kisses her tits. He eats out Danielle's pussy, licking it and brushing it lightly with his fingers.

Danielle sucks Cain's thick, uncut cock. He picks her up and slides her down onto his dick. Cain drills up into her, holding her up the whole time.

Cain lays her back on the counter. He grabs Danielle's tits as he slams back into her. Then he picks her up and bends her over the counter. Cain stuffs his dick back into her and pounds away. He pulls her back by the hair and fucks her faster.

Danielle tells Cain to spank her ass even harder. With that much muscle, I'd be careful what you ask for! Danielle loves getting treated rough. She reaches back to grab those huge pecs.

Cain lies on the counter. Danielle climbs on top of him and rides his cock. He jackhammers her pussy. Cain tells her to take the whole fucking dick and she grinds down on it. Danielle moves into a reverse position and bounces up and down. Cain slams up into her again.

Moving her into doggy style on top of the counter, Cain fucks Danielle until he's ready to cum. His muscles tighten and he blows an insane load all over Danielle's back.

See why I don't mind filming guy/girl stuff, too?

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