Cain & Delila

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Cain & Delila

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Added: December 15, 2010 | Video Length: 13:24 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Delila and Cain have never gotten to play just by themselves. So when I finally turn them loose on each other, it is one of the hottest ACS scenes we've had in a while!

Delila thrusts upwards everytime Cain touches her. She wants him pretty ferociously. He whips out his thick dick and she goes all the way down, choking on it a little. Of course, that just makes Cain harder – if that's even possible!

Cain pushes her head back down on his cock and she deepthroats him. He rubs her hair and moans as she blows him. Bending her over, he spits on her pussy and shoves his thick meat in there. Pulling her back by her long red hair, he spanks her and jackhammers her.

They watch themselves in the mirror. Cain plays with her. He pulls all the way out, only to ram his cock all the way back in. “Oh, that pussy feels so good,” he says. He grunts as he teases her with his cockhead. She begs him to put it back in.

Once he does, he jackhammers her like crazy. Delila is a strong girl to stand up to so much muscle! She sucks his cock and licks his shaft. He enjoys it, but he's ready to make her ride his cock. She slides down on it, and she pushes his hands down.

Then it gets interesting.

I mean, it was hot before, but as I've said before, I think Delila wants my job. How can she not? All the hot guys here? But she does the unexpected … she manages to take control of the uber-dominant Cain. She pinches his nipples and he groans in ecstasy. He thrusts up inside her powerfully in return. She smacks his huge chest. “Be nice, or I'll stop,” she says as she giggles.

“I know you don't want to stop,” he says. She agrees but says she will if he's bad. If there's anything Cain likes, it's a challenge. He holds onto the headboard as she grinds up and down on his dick. He tries to pull her down, but she smacks his hands away – and he obeys her and goes back to holding the headboard!

Once Delila lets him use his hands again, he drills up into her pussy with a vengeance! She slow him down again, masterfully bringing him to a peak and letting his intensity cool. He lapses into some seductive-sounding Romanian. But even that doesn't weaken her resolve. She's in charge!

Delila works his nipples some more. Cain's clearly going crazy. She smacks him again as he tries to use his hands.

But nobody can dominate Cain for long! He picks her up, dick all the way in her, and stands up in front of the mirror. He fucks her hard, then lays her on the bed. He fucks her missionary-style, then from the side, grinding his cock inside her.

Cain fingers her pussy as he continues to fuck her. It takes him over the edge. He pulls out and shoots a huge load into Delila's mouth! She laps up every drop from his cockhead, and Cain feeds her what she missed on her cheek. Cain says she's fucking amazing, and that he's glad he finally got her one on one.

Glad I could help them out – especially when it turns out this hot!

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