Cain & Justin's Bi Tag Team

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Cain & Justin's Bi Tag Team

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Added: November 11, 2010 | Video Length: 18:06 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Putting aggressive Cain with the laid-back Justin and always sunny Ashley was sure to make a hot scene. I just didn't know how hot it was actually going to get!

The guys kiss Ashley and remove her clothes. She giggles when Justin has trouble with her bra – but Cain is right there to help. They suck on her tits. The guys get their pants off and Cain's already rock-hard dick is about to poke through his underwear. As Ashley gets Justin's underwear off, Cain sucks his cock.

Justin lays back and enjoys the attention. His cock sticks straight up as Cain and Ashley take turns sucking it. Cain sticks the thick head of his own cock in Justin's mouth. Ashley helps guide the shaft deeper in. Cain face fucks Justin. Ashley laughs and says Cain is putting that mouth to good use.

Cain turns around and puts her mouth to good use, too! Justin eats Ashley out and then Ashley has them switch. She knows how good Cain is when he's down there! She swallows Justin's shaft and head. Cain fingers and licks her, making her moan.

He smacks Justin's ass and keeps finger fucking Ashley. Cain's gorgeous red-headed cock never goes down. I think I've seen it soft for a total of 10 minutes the whole time he's been here! He smacks Justin again and tells him to start fucking her.

Justin slides his cock into Ashley. Cain licks Justin's sweet asshole. Ashley spanks Justin's ass. Justin laughs, but it's clear he's liking it. Cain sticks his cockhead into Justin as Justin fucks Ashley. “Back that ass up on my cock,” Cain commands.

Sandwiched between them, Justin has the best of both worlds! Cain rams into him, the force of his fucking traveling all the way through Justin and making Ashley shudder. Justin almost can't move, Cain's pounding so hard. Then Cain keeps his dick still, so Justin backs up and thrusts forward between the two of them.

Ashley can't stop moaning in ecstasy. She jumps on Cain's cock and bounces up and down on it, as Justin kisses Cain. Justin sticks his dick in Cain's mouth and smiles as the bigger guy sucks him while drilling up into Ashley.

Cain jackhammers Ashley as she takes Justin's cock in her mouth. He fucks her loud and hard! Then he wants to fuck Justin. Justin lays back in Ashley's lap and Cain moves in. He shoves his cock in deep. Justin works his cockhead as Ashley rubs his body.

Cain fucks him faster and Justin moans. Cain lightly smacks Ashley's breast into Justin's face. The passion is making them all lose control! Justin quickly shoots on his stomach. Cain doesn't stop ramming him though!

He pounds Justin harder. Cain pulls out and an incredible load shoots straight up Justin's chest! Cain rubs their cocks together and all three kiss. They all deserve a rest now!

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