Colby & Addison

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Colby & Addison

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Added: February 3, 2010 | Video Length: 18:51 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


It's been quite some time since we've seen Colby in action, but did he ever make an impression with his first hardcore scene! We decided to mix things up with him and have him take a shot at bottoming right out of the gate, and it turned out to be an exceptionally hot thing to watch! All of his reactions and the way we saw him completely unable to hide the fact that he was feeling incredible were intense! Knowing this young guy looked so hot on camera and in action, I couldn't wait to get him into some fun here on ACS!

True to form, Colby looks as hot as ever here! He already had himself a hot body when he first arrived at CF, but somehow managed to look even more toned as the clothes came off while getting into it with Addison! The image of him laying back on the couch, his hard dick tenting up his underwear and those tight abs flexing while he and Addison make out is a great one, indeed!

As he stands up to peel those underwear off, his stiff dick is sticking out and up at a 45 degree angle, just aching for some attention and leaving no doubt he's as horny as could be! He breathes deep while his cock gets sucked, running his fingers through Addison's hair and encouraging her to keep working over his cock and make him feel good.

Seeing Colby's hot body and hard dick as he's so thoroughly turned on by Addison and the fun they're having is all just made hotter by the knowledge that, a short while back, we were seeing him get fucked for the very first time and totally digging it on ACM! Here's a young stud who is so sexual and so ready and eager to embrace great physical sensations, and he's doing that here just as he did the first time we saw him in action - and even in his solo, for that matter!

Having seen Colby get fucked, now is our turn to see him fuck! That fit body and hot dick are perfect for delivering a good pounding, and he starts off by sliding his cock into Addison and fucking her with long, deep strokes. He gradually picks up speed, his thrusts becoming more powerful as he makes sure he uses every single inch of his dick!

Soon, he's really pumping hard and fast, driving Addison nuts and clearly making himself feel good as well! By the time they've gone through a couple positions and Colby has Addison on her hands and knees while he fucks her doggystyle, he's worked up quite the sweat and his moans proceed to get louder and louder, it being quite obvious his orgasm isn't far off! Sure enough, he lets out a last few gasps and moans as the pace of his fucking really picks up, then pulls his dick out to spray a huge load all over Addison's back!

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