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Connor & Colby Teasing Addison

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Connor & Colby Teasing Addison

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Added: February 19, 2010 | Video Length: 22:38 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Quite simply, Colby looked incredible the first time he got fucked! His reactions were priceless, his body looked great, and his facial expressions said so much. After seeing him get fucked for the first time, I really wanted to film him getting fucked again!

I wanted to also try something new with it, however. Addison, one of the lucky young girls who has fun with the guys here at ACS, mentioned she really got off to seeing two guys go at it. She'd never seen it in person, but has watched plenty of gay porn. I have a feeling she's not the only girl like that! So, the thought of having two guys fuck in front of her seemed pretty fun! It went beyond just having her watch, though. I knew that two straight guys could be intrigued by getting it on with one another while a girl was right there next to them watching. As hot as it is to see two hot, young, straight guys fuck, there couldn't help but be a whole new dynamic and dimension added when a girl was right there in the room with them and they were putting on a show not just for us, but for her as well!

So, here we have buff, blond CF Stud Connor and hot, young newcomer Colby going at it with one another right in front of Addison. Sure enough, it all made for quite the hot scenario! The guys are spurred on to do certain things when they see the reaction they're getting out of her. Occasionally, they'll glance over at her to see what she thinks of all they're doing and see how much they're turning her on. All the while, though, they're kissing, feeling up, sucking and licking one another!

Sure, Colby glances over at Addison a few times to check out the hot girl in the room. But he also spends a whole lot of time staring down at Connor, as Connor sucks his cock and takes it all in to his mouth! Colby's own hard dick is proof of just how turned on he is while he has Connor's hard cock in his own mouth, sucking another guy with a girl right there watching!

Seeing Connor and Colby together, it's clear they soon find themselves almost entirely focused on one another as they make out passionately and run their hands over one another's hard bodies. Then, as Connor spontaneously starts to jab Colby's hole with his hard dick, manages to slip the head in, and then starts to fuck Colby's tight ass, these two guys are totally wrapped up in one another. Again, we're treated to those priceless facial expressions from Colby as his ass gets pierced by Connor's big dick and he finds himself on his back, legs up, getting fucked!

Connor starts to pump him faster, sliding his dick in and out of Colby's ass. Colby is gasping and moaning, holding his legs up so that Connor has full access to his hole. The harder Connor fucks, the louder Colby gets! While we saw Colby stealing glances at Addison early on, he's now staring directly and deeply in to Connor's eyes as he gets fucked and wraps his arms around Connor to hold him close. The only time Colby really stops gasping and moaning is when he and Connor lock lips to kiss!

The guys break away from each other long enough for Connor to lay on his back and let Colby lower himself down on to his cock. Colby guides Connor's dick in to his ass and Connor then starts to pump and thrust up in to him. Then, Connor starts to furiously pound Colby's hole, making Colby almost yell in pleasure! The guys then get on their sides, Connor sliding his dick back in to Colby from behind and continuing to fuck him.

When Addison asks Colby if he likes it, it's all he can do to moan, "Oh my god!".

With Connor still drilling his ass, Colby grabs his cock to start stroking it and in seconds he's blasting a huge load all over himself! When Connor then tells Colby he wants to cum in his mouth, Colby totally wants it too and soon has Connor coating his tongue with cum and shooting down his throat before he sucks every last drop he can out of Connor's cock!

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