Connor & Trey's Bi Tag Team

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Connor & Trey's Bi Tag Team

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Added: April 2, 2010 | Video Length: 20:38 Minutes | Photos: 19 Photos


The response we've been getting to our bi tagteam videos has been tremendous, and so you can rest assured they'll be a regular part of ACS going forward! It's videos like this one - starring hot guys like Connor and Trey - that have made the bi tagteam videos such a popular part of ACS and CF!

Connor and Trey have quite the history together. It was Connor that broke Trey in a long time ago, when Trey was a newcomer to CF. Trey took Connor's big dick like a champ, loved it, and discovered that he thoroughly enjoyed getting fucked! What's more, that was somewhat of a break-out performance for Connor! We saw him reach new levels of intensity and passion in that video, and I do think it's one of the hottest pairings I've ever filmed!

Now, Connor and Trey are together again! Just as with last time, there's some truly intense and hot fucking here! Just as with that first time, Trey takes Connor's dick like a champ! As with their previous pairing, Connor fucks the heck out of Trey and really works his ass over with that big dick of his! Unlike last time, though, both guys are also having loads of fun with Chloe throughout and there are three horny, young people on the bed!

Check out the look on Trey's face as things get going, here! He just can't contain that smile! He's so turned on by everything that's going on and really getting off to the fact that he's about to have fun with Chloe and Connor! No doubt, memories of the last time Connor fucked him must have been going through his head and he must have been looking forward to another turn impaled on Connor's big dick!

Trey's not the only one having a blast, though! Soon in to the action, Connor is not only getting that big dick of his sucked but also getting his toes sucked! Chloe and Trey are doing all they can to get him fired up and horny, and it works! He quickly gets Chloe on to her back and slides his cock in to her so that he can fuck her hard and deep. He pulls his cock out of her long enough to let Trey take it in to his mouth, then plunges it back in to Chloe. Trey looks like he couldn't possibly be more turned on as he watches Connor fuck Chloe and occasionally gets to suck his dick when Connor pulls out!

Trey could be more turned on, though! We see that when he takes Chloe's place and gets on his hands and knees in front of Connor to get fucked! Connor slides his cock in to the hilt, getting loud moans and groans out of Trey in response! The guys then proceed to fuck and fuck hard! The noises escaping Trey's lips are priceless, particularly as he rides Connor's cock while Chloe jerks him off.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!", he tells Connor as he gets closer to cumming. With Chloe furiously stroking his dick and Connor mercilessly drilling his ass, Trey starts to blast his load all over the place! He then grabs Connor's cock to jerk him off, working a big load out before using his mouth to suck the last drops from Connor's dick - then licking all he can off Connor's abs! Yet again, Connor and Trey show us that some incredible stuff happens when they get together!

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