Cort Fucks Tiffany

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Cort Fucks Tiffany

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Added: September 5, 2012 | Video Length: 20:11 Minutes


Tiffany mentioned how turned on she was when she first saw popular freshman Cort. Now she gets her chance to pair up with the handsome blond stud, and she goes for it with gusto!

Cort kisses her and they get each others' tops off. Cort kisses Tiffany's stomach and spanks her ass. Tiffany grabs Cort's bare ass as he makes out with her.

Cort kisses Tiffany's tits and slides his hand down her panties to finger her pussy. He dives down on her, enthusiastically eating her out. He strokes his cock as he tongues her and fingers her.

Tiffany sucks Cort's cock. She goes all the way down on him, licks his balls, then swallows his dick again.

Cort's dick is rock hard. Tiffany leans back against the sofa and Cort slides his dick into her. He grabs and kisses her tits as he fucks her. He holds her legs apart as he thrusts his cock in and out of her.

Tiffany climbs on top of Cort and the couple 69 each other. She then sits on his cock and bounces up and down on him. Tiffany rides Cort's cock. Cort drills up into her, smacking her ass as she rides him.

Tiffany bends over the edge of the sofa and Cort bangs her from behind. Cort fucks her hard and fast, making Tiffany moan and whimper with pleasure. He spanks her again and tells her he's going to cum all over her ass.

Cort pulls out and shoots his load all over Tiffany's ass, then rubs it in with his hand. He asks if she had a good time – and she did!

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