Derek & Girlfriend

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Derek & Girlfriend

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Added: October 28, 2008 | Video Length: 11:54 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


So we know that Derek is just a great big ball of sexual energy and overwhelming horniness. He's proven that fact in every single scene he's been in and CF fans recognize him as one of the most energetic and enthusiastic performers we have! Indeed, every single one of his videos is a treat on account of his enthusiasm alone, not to mention his great looks and incredible body.

So when you find out that Derek has a girlfriend, you can't help but imagine she must be equally horny in order to keep up with him! You'd be correct to imagine so, as you'll find out with this video!

Oh, the sex these two have!! I've wanted to film Derek and his real life girlfriend for awhile, but it just wasn't something that was in the cards for the longest time. They both preferred to keep this separate from their personal life and the only real indication that Derek has a girlfriend was the fact that he was never doing any scenes here on ACS with other girls. Similar to the situation Jeff is in, Derek's girlfriend was cool with him doing scenes with other guys (in fact, she even found it pretty darn hot!!) but wasn't too keen on the prospect of his doing scenes with other girls. As frustrating as this can be for me at times, I can understand it to an extent. If you're a girlfriend of one of our guys, you know that despite what takes place on the physical front, your boyfriend isn't likely to develop too much of an emotional connection with his male screen partners. There seems a greater risk of that with female screen partners, however.

Thankfully, we get to see Derek in a vid here at ACS now nonetheless because his girlfriend finally decided to give doing a scene with him a shot! And it turned out to be, if I dare say so myself, one of the hottest vids we've filmed here on the boy/girl site! These two are totally into each other, totally love having sex with one another, and have absolutely no inhibitions when it comes to being with one another! When it comes to sex, there is no doubt they're made for one another!!

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