Dru & Delila

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Dru & Delila

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Added: September 15, 2010 | Video Length: 19:05 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


It's been a while since we had Dru on the ACS side. Delila grins and says, “He couldn't resist my charms.” Dru laughs and says he's glad to get the fresh meat, and comments to Connor about how cute she is. She giggles and suggests a tag team for the three of them. Dru's excited that she's into that. Sounds like fun!

Until then, Dru tells Connor he'll try to do him proud on his own. Dru kisses Delila. He apologizes for his cold hands, but isn't the old saying “Cold hands, big cock”? I think it is in Dru's case. He kisses her stomach and pulls her up on him as she takes her clothes off. She laughs and says he's like a roller coaster, “only better.”

“These are nice,” Dru says, and kisses her breasts. Sliding downwards, he fingers her and eats her out. His boner pops out of his underwear as he takes his jeans off.

“For such a little mouth you can take a lot of cock,” Dru says as he fucks her mouth. He rolls her over and spanks her before teasing her with his dick. He tells her how tight she is and he starts slowly fucking her.

They're having such a fun time together. She gasps once Dru gets all the way in. He goes balls deep, his ass cheeks flexing as he thrusts inside her. Dru gets her on her knees and really starts slamming it home. He pulls her up close to him and makes her reach back and play with his balls.

Dru stuffs his cock only halfway inside her and she calls him a “tease.” “That's my specialty,” he says. He starts fucking her good and hard. She yelps with serious pleasure. Dru says, “I can feel you coming all over my cock.”

He tells her to ride him and she jumps in the saddle like a good cowgirl, obviously wanting more of his big dick. Dru stands up and bounces her up and down in front of the mirror. She hangs onto his broad shoulders, determined to ride this bucking bronco!

Back on the bed, Dru teases her with that cock again. He fucks her slow, fast, then slow, again. It's making her crave his cock even more. She tells him she wants him to shoot his cum “right on my tongue.” They continue joking and playing with each other right up until he's ready to shoot.

She sucks his thumb as he jerks his cock. Dru shoots a huge load in her mouth. Jet after cream jet goes in her mouth and she gulps it down. He feeds her the last of it and kisses her, ready for some lunch now that one appetite has been filled.

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