Dru & Kate

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Dru & Kate

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Added: September 16, 2009 | Video Length: 14:07 Minutes | Photos: 22 Photos


Dru is a porn producer's dream come true. Not only does he have a great face and body, but he's also sporting an awesome cock. What's more, though, he couldn't possibly be more comfortable and at ease in front of the cameras. It helps, no doubt, that he considers himself a bit of an exhibitionist and gets off on the idea that people are watching him. Certainly, that comes in handy when you're having sex on video! There's no doubt Dru is enjoying fucking Kate with an audience as much as I was enjoying filming it and we get to enjoy watching it!

Dru mentioned during his intro solo that he loves it when a girl plays with his ass. Well, he gets precisely that here! I don't know if he told Kate he was in to that beforehand or if she just figured it out, but when she starts to play with Dru's hole you can see how it gets an immediate reaction out of him. He gets this intense look on his face, gasps a bit, and looks terribly turned on! We've found one of his buttons!

That bit of ass play having gotten him so hard and turned on had him rock hard and ready, so Kate immediately sits down on Dru's dick and starts to ride him. Dru is pumping and thrusting up in to her, both of them getting louder and louder.

The main problem I have with watching Dru fuck is trying to figure out which part of him to focus on! All those muscles on that body of his are flexing and rippling and are certainly a treat to look at. That ass of his also looks great as he thrusts his dick in to Kate. Speaking of his dick, I couldn't help but get caught up in seeing it go to work as he fucked! But that face of his is also too hot to look away from - so expressive and intense as he goes at it!

Every hot bit of him is amplified as he cums - his body that much more ripped and tight, his face that much more expressive as he pulls his dick out, gives it a few quick strokes and fires off a big load all over Kate's back!

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