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Elijah & Simon's Tag Team

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Elijah & Simon's Tag Team

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Added: March 17, 2009 | Video Length: 16:51 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Well I suspect that most figured it was only a matter of time before this video was filmed! As you likely know from when Elijah and Simon made their first appearances over on ACM, Elijah and Simon have known each other their whole lives - they are brothers! Though not actually blood brothers, they have grown up with one another since they were both little and it was actually Elijah that got Simon to come out and film his solo with us.

While I was, on the one hand, really wanting to film the two of them in a tag team video together, I was on the other hand a bit hesitant to approach them and ask about doing such a video. It felt a little weird and I was afraid they were going to say no. Little did I know, though, that they'd already tag teamed a couple of girls together! They're both pretty wild and adventurous and both highly sexual so it shouldn't have surprised me that they'd have already gotten into such mischief. But when it was clear they'd both be up for it and had actually done it before, I was pretty thrilled.

Initially, I'd expected such a video to take awhile before it heated up. Obviously there would have been a great deal of potential for awkwardness if it was their first time tagging a girl together and first time being so close to one another in that kind of situation. That wasn't an issue, though, and they both get into the action right away!

If there is one thing you surely notice in the action here, it's how much these two feed off of one another - not in the literal sense, of course! It's like they each know exactly what to do and where to go, taking over where the other just left off or trading places to each do what they want to do with the lucky girl that gets to be in the middle of them.

The image of seeing these two hot young guys standing up on the bed, the girl between them and giving them head, while Elijah rests his hand on Simon's shoulder is pretty hot! It's as if they discovered long ago that being "partners in crime", so to speak, was tons of fun for them both. They feed off of and contribute to one another's enthusiasm and energy and they seem to get off to seeing what the other is doing as much as to what they are doing themselves!

Once they get to fucking the girl, they really turn things up. Elijah starts talking dirty to Simon, urging him on and telling him how to fuck the girl. Simon's pace picks up in response to his brother's words, and he's soon really pounding the girl!

The way they talk to one another definitely made it clear they'd done this before, and when it was Elijah's turn to fuck it was as if he wanted to not only get his dick into a hole, but also show off for Simon. He pounds away like a jackrabbit!

All of the intense action as they switch positions yet again really did the trick for both of them, as Simon's orgasm hits him out of nowhere! The instant he pulls his dick out of the girl he's firing off his load all over the place. Elijah then puts his dick where Simon's had just been and soon he, too, is shooting his own load off - all of it mixing with his brother's all over the girl's chest!

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