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Gabe & Dawson Bi Tag Team

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Gabe & Dawson Bi Tag Team

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Added: February 6, 2007 | Video Length: 17:01 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


"Bi Tag Team". Yes, you read that right! Gabe and Dawson. In BI action! After all this time, we finally get to see Gabe get into some hot play with another guy!

It has been an extremely long time coming, but as any of you that follow the site know, Gabe and Dawson have been buddying up for awhile now as well. Dawson filmed Gabe in a solo, they both tag teamed a girl together, and they also jerked off together in a recent update. All of this helped Gabe get comfortable with and around Dawson and played a huge part in his finally agreeing to let another guy touch him and work over that huge cock of his! Part of me can't believe it's finally happening - a sentiment I'm sure I'm not alone in :)

I've been trying for ages to get Gabe to give things with another guy a shot, but it was finally a matter of the stars being properly aligned, so to speak. Firstly, as I'd mentioned, Gabe really began to get comfortable with and around Dawson and comfortable with the idea of letting a guy that's as buff, muscular, masculine and studly as he is be the one to give things a shot with. Also, there simply had to be a girl around for Gabe to try out some guy-on-guy action in order to help put him at ease and remove some of the jitters.

Gabe had let me know ahead of time that he couldn't promise he'd be at all responsive to any of the guy-guy stuff. But as you'll see, once things get moving he lays his hands on Dawson's shoulder just as much as Jasmine's as they trade off giving him head; he loves the feeling of Dawson's mouth around that big dick of his just as much as Jasmine's; and he's fully blown away by having two mouths, four hands, two tongues and two sets of lips working him over. As long as it has taken for him to get comfortable with the idea of having another guy touch him, once the intense physical pleasure becomes apparent Gabe is fully into it and all barriers come down!

Dawson's performance in this video is flawless, as well. This young straight stud is fully aware of just what an incredible experience this all probably is for Gabe, and so he does his utmost to really blow Gabe over, for Gabe's own sake as well as all of ours! And, goodness, is he looking as hot as ever while blowing his load at the climax of this video!

This isn't the last of Gabe and Dawson together, either! I knew we needed to get Gabe in some guy/guy action over on our purely guy/guy site, ACM. And so it won't be long before you see that big dick of his sliding past a guy's lips on that site, without a girl anywhere in sight. ;)

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