Jon & Tiffany

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Jon & Tiffany

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Added: June 6, 2012 | Video Length: 18:56 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Jon's return to ACS got him pumped - especially when he met Tiffany! He was instantly attracted to our new co-ed and it showed.

Jon and Tiffany make out on their knees on the bed. Jon hikes Tiffany's skirt up to grab a hold of her ass, then lifts her shirt up above her head. He nuzzles her breasts beneath her bra. Jon and Tiffany make out and then Jon spins her down to lay Tiffany back against the mattress.

Jon nibbles Tiffany's nipples then tongues and chews at her pussy while flicking her nipples with his fingers. Tiffany unbuttons Jon's fly and when his cock drops forward from beneath the clothing, and she takes it into her mouth. She sucks his dick, cupping and stroking his balls as she licks the shaft. He stands on the bed where Tiffany sucks and strokes him.

Jon watches as Tiffany swallows his dick in a wet blow job. He pumps his cock into her face quickly and playfully, holding her head with both hands. Tiffany looks up at him longingly while she swallows the length of his shaft. Jon pushes her back down onto the bed, positioning himself over her in the missionary position. Jon slides his stiff cock into her pussy and pounds her.

Jon lays on his back against the mattress. Tiffany sucks him before straddling his wet cock and riding him cowgirl-style. He thrusts his long cock deep into her she rides it excitedly. Their bodies slap with each contact. Tiffany reaches behind her to feel the hard cock enter and withdraw from her pussy.

Tiffany gets up on her feet and crouches with his dick still inside her. Jon watches his thick shaft sinking deep into her pussy. Tiffany turns around and rides him reverse cowgirl style, bobbing up and down on his hard dick. He slaps her ass, watching his dick pound her from behind.

The couple switches position to doggie-style, and Jon plows Tiffany from behind, never taking his eyes off his dick pumping deep inside her. He is enjoying fucking her with this powerfully! He pushes her shoulders down onto the bed and, with her ass up in the air, Jon continues to bang her mercilessly, only slowing to catch his breath before nailing her even harder.

Jon rolls Tiffany onto her side without withdrawing his cock from her, and fucks her this way. He plays with her clit as he fucks her. Then, Jon continues to bang her with one leg over his shoulder. Moving to doggie-style, he watches his thick cock pump into her from behind.

Jon pumps his dick with one hand before shooting a messy wet load all over her ass. His cock and her ass are both wet with his jizz as he leans forward to kiss her. She reaches behind her and grabs hold of his wet, red cock. She strokes it, letting it ride in the crack of her ass as he continues to thrust slowly toward her. They kiss again.

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