Josh & Cassie

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Josh & Cassie

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Added: February 22, 2011 | Video Length: 14:56 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


It's been a long time since Josh has been on the ACS side … so long he couldn't remember who his last partner was! We've been keeping him busy with so many hot guys, that I forget he likes to put on a good show with a hot girl. He and Cassie talk whenever they are both at a shoot, so I knew they'd have good chemistry together.

Josh and Cassie kiss. He massages her big tits. She pulls out his thick dick and goes down on it. She licks it and sucks it. She even swabs it all around her mouth.

Laying her down, Josh pulls off her panties and slides his tongue down to eat her out. Cassie whimpers with pleasure. Josh fingers her pussy as sticks his tongue into her. He strokes his cock, loving the taste of her.

Cassie takes Josh's dick in her mouth again. It's rock hard and he stuffs it inside her. He starts off fucking her slow and deep. Her moans of pleasure turn to squeals of ecstasy as he jackhammers into her.

Josh pounds away at her, kissing her passionately between thrusts. He brings it down to a slow, thrusting groove, then ramps up the intensity again.

Cassie gets on top of Josh and rides his cock. She bounces up and down, her round ass slapping against him as she grinds on top of him. They stare into each others' eyes as they fuck. Josh drills up inside her. He goes faster and faster, bringing them both close to the edge.

Cassie gets on all fours so Josh can pound her doggy-style. He tongues her pussy from behind, then shoves his cock back inside her. Pulling her hips back so she can take every inch, he jackhammers her again.

Josh powerfucks her, slamming harder and harder into her. She squeals with pleasure. He pulls out and sprays a hot load of cum all over her back and ass. They kiss passionately and Josh says, “You were amazing!”

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