Josh & Mandy

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Josh & Mandy

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Added: February 10, 2009 | Video Length: 16:24 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


After meeting him, I could not have possibly been more eager to see Josh in action!

As I'd mentioned with his introductory solo, Josh had told me he'd put on some muscle when he found out he was coming out for a shoot. He spent the couple of weeks leading up to filming his solo working out like crazy and adding about 10lbs of muscle to his body. The end result of all that hard work was pretty impressive, indeed, as he showed up with a body that is absolutely amazing. Combined with his hot face and big dick, he looked great.

Funny enough, he even mentioned after his solo went online, "I was kind of disappointed seeing my old weight up there!". I hadn't realized that, in the stats accompanying his solo video over on ACM, I'd listed his original weight when he first applied to the site instead of what he actually weighed when he showed up! So, be sure to keep in mind that he's got 10 extra pounds of muscle ;)

Seeing that body tighten and flex as he fucks is an awesome sight, indeed. Further, seeing that thick dick of his go to work is hot as hell. He looks great in action, and clearly he feels great as well as his face gets these hot expressions that had me ready to see him blow his load at any second.

One of the hottest things, to me at least, about watching a hot young straight stud in action is seeing what their ass looks like while they fuck! As you can tell, I particularly liked how Josh's ass looked as I spent plenty of time focused on it with the camera :)

Ultimately, it's time for him to blow his load - and man does he ever blow it! He fires a huge blast of cum clear out of camera range - to the point I almost reflexively ducked as he shot (ducked out of the way, not into the way! hehe). With a guy as hot as Josh, though, would you expect anything other than a massive cumshot?

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