Keagan & Ashley

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Keagan & Ashley

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Added: January 12, 2011 | Video Length: 17:50 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Buff and hot new freshman Keagan boasted that he often came multiple times while fucking a girl. I've been eager to put that to the test. He doesn't disappoint!

He proves it by fucking Ashley. And boy, is she happy about it! These two create an instant, fun chemistry that made this a hot video to watch … and film!

They kiss and Ashley can't stop grinning as she undresses the muscular Keagan, enjoying every inch of his hot body. She licks his nipple playfully and she feels him respond. “You like that, huh?” He definitely does!

Once she gets to his thick, uncut cock, her grin gets wider. That's good cause she's going to need to open wide for that big dick! “Now, that's what I call sexy,” she says as she rubs his hard cock.

Keagan laughs and says, “You like that don't you?” She says the grin on her face must have given it away. She sticks his whole cock in her mouth. She licks the shaft and she says it tastes good. When he explains why, she giggles.

Ashley stuffs his dick farther down her throat. She strokes it and sucks it until he flips her over on her back. Keagan goes down on her and eats her out. He takes his time, making her crazy as his tongue flicks in and out of her tight pussy.

Keagan fingers her and squeezes her big tits. She lays back and moans in ecstasy. Keagan definitely knows how to make a woman crazy! He teases her with his cockhead, telling her how warm her pussy already feels. He slides it in and they both moan in pleasure.

Her pussy is so tight, he shoots his load all over her stomach! He wipes it up, then starts fucking her again. Keagan slams his cock into her. “You're so warm .. so tight,” he says as he pounds her. He pulls out to tease her with his dick again and then shoves it back into her.

Ashley moans, nearly delirious with pleasure. Keagan holds her legs up and pulls her to the side of the bed. He rams his big dick home, faster and faster. Getting her doggy style, he fucks her furiously. “Give it to me,” she says and he pounds her even harder.

Keagan flips her on her back and fucks her until he shoots a second hot load all over her stomach! It's almost as much cum as his first explosion. This stud definitely wasn't kidding about his stamina!

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