Olivia Regulates Jackson & Zeb

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Olivia Regulates Jackson & Zeb

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Added: January 20, 2012 | Video Length: 21:42 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


Olivia has been a little bit jealous of Ashley being the only one to dominate the guys! Who can blame her? It's hot watching Ashley tie up two hot college studs and make them obey her every command!

We haven't done a teasing video in a long time, so I set Olivia up with one and gave her hotties Jackson and Zeb to play with. Pete turned on the camera and let her strut her stuff!

Zeb and Jackson are evenly matched in hotness and sensuality. They're both playful, but Zeb is a little lighter and Jackson a bit edgier, in terms of personality. I could watch either one of them all day, but the two of them under Olivia's command? I could be here all week!

Olivia hits the ground running and makes them kiss. Talk about two sets of lips that are incredibly kissable! Jackson and Zeb make out as Olivia tells them to take off their shirts.

The pants come off, and Jackson kisses his way down Zeb's torso as he rubs Zeb's cock through his underwear. But Olivia and Zeb don't want Jackson to do all the work! Zeb leans over and goes to work on Jackson's fuzzy nipples.

Olivia takes over on nipple duty as Zeb goes down on Jackson's cock. Zeb sucks Jackson's stiff dick. Olivia tells Zeb to lick all around the head, then suck some more as well as play with Jackson's nuts.

Jackson sucks off Zeb, while Olivia strokes his cock. She gets them into a 69 position. Zeb swallows Jackson's dick as Jackson rims and fingers Zeb's tight hole.

Zeb's loving the attention to his ass. Olivia can tell he's loving it so she tells Zeb to “Hop on!” He slides down onto Jackson's cock. Olivia jerks Zeb's cock as he rides Jackson's long cock.

Jackson drives his dick deep up into Zeb's ass. Olivia tells Jackson to fuck him harder, before making the guys fuck doggy-style. Jackson pounds away at Zeb, tearing up that hole.

Getting Zeb on his back, cradled in Olivia's arms, Jackson fucks a huge load out of Zeb! Jackson scoops up Zeb's cum and uses it to lube up his cock and fuck Zeb until he cums!

Jackson blows his load onto Zeb's ass! He creampies Zeb - or is it a second helping of creampie, since he's already fucked Zeb using his own cum!

The guys kiss. I bet with a little guidance from Ashley, Olivia will be tying them up next!

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