Olivia Toys With Landon

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Olivia Toys With Landon

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Added: June 27, 2012 | Video Length: 21:24 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Southern boy Landon's already shown us that even though he's straight, he gets off pretty hard by bottoming. He blew a huge load when he got fucked. Now, Olivia is going to toy with him and see what she can get out of him!

Landon bites and kisses her nipples. Olivia goes down on him. She sucks his cock, licking the head and shaft slowly before bobbing up and down on him. Landon leans back and watches her blow him.

Olivia rolls onto her back. Landon kisses his way down to her pussy and eats her our. She whimpers as he nibbles and licks her. He stuffs his cock into her and fucks her hard.

Landon holds her legs as he pounds Olivia. She moans as he thrusts in and out of her so fast. He pulls her up on top of him. She grinds on him, then bounces up and down on his cock, squealing as she rides him.

Olivia says she thinks it's Landon's turn to get fucked. “I'll let you pick your poison,” she says. She holds up two toys, and she's a little disappointed he chooses the smaller one. She tries to convince him, but he won't budge. She lubes up his ass and slides it into him.

Landon moans as Olivia works the toy in deeper. She fucks him slowly, then speeds up the pace. Landon is loving it! Olivia smacks his ass, then turns off the vibrator, and then he says he wants it back on, just at a lower speed.

Olivia wants to fuck Landon harder. He flips over and she slides the vibrator in again. Landon can't stop moaning. He jerks his cock as Olivia fucks him faster.

Landon blasts a huge load all over his ripped abs. Cum just keeps spraying. Olivia rolls the vibrator in his cum to lube it back up, then slides it right back into Landon. She kisses him, the vibrator still inside him.

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