Paul & Ashley

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Paul & Ashley

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Added: December 2, 2009 | Video Length: 18:43 Minutes | Photos: 17 Photos


Well, after seeing Paul's cumshot during his solo video with us, I simply had to see it again - brought about by action, this time! It is, without a doubt, one of the biggest cumshots we've ever seen here! It's pretty amazing just how much he shoots and squirts and shoots and squirts and shoots some more!

Thankfully, Paul was just as eager to cum again for us in some hardcore action with a girl. Don't let that boyish face and innocent smile fool you - he knows his way around the bedroom and a girl's body and knows how to fuck! He also knows how to use that smile on a girl and get her to totally dig him, as you'll see him do here with Ashley. At every opportunity, he stares into her eyes and breaks out into that wide smile of his, getting a giggle and smile in return from her. You know she was liking it!

As she starts to peel off his clothes, we see that thick dick of his come out of those boxers before she starts to suck it. He's sitting back on the sofa letting Ashley go to work on his hard cock, using his free hand to feel her up and rub her body.

Soon thereafter, it's his turn to get his face between her legs and he has Ashley lay back so he can put that tongue (and those fingers!) of his to work. One of the benefits of the action here is that we get a great view of Paul's ass as he's laying down on his stomach, his face planted between Ashley's thighs. It's a hot ass, indeed, and by now I was thoroughly looking forward to seeing it while he pumped and fucked.

Thankfully, he's doing just that shortly! With Ashley on her back, her legs up, Paul fucks her, driving that dick in and out as we see that tight body of his. His balls are bouncing around as he thrusts back and forth, that ass tightening and flexing as he fucks.

They switch positions so that Ashley can ride him for a bit, and the look on Paul's face tells it all as it seems like he could fire off that huge cumshot of his at any second! He doesn't intend to finish that soon, though, so gets Ashley on her hands and knees so he can fuck her from behind.

This is the position that does it for him, and after alternating between quick and long thrusts for awhile, he pulls his cock out to cum, cum, cum and cum some more all over Ashley's back - blasting off a huge load that looks like it will never stop shooting!

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