Philip & Josh Teasing Delila

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Philip & Josh Teasing Delila

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Added: October 15, 2010 | Video Length: 19:06 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


I better watch out – I think Delila wants my job! She's really good at directing the guys in a teasing video. So, I paired up Philip with Josh, handed her the reins and let them get to work. The chemistry in the teasing videos always seems to get hot, but this one really made a scorching scene!

She starts off by making the guys kiss. She also demands some tongue action. She's a veritable porn Speilberg! Once the shirts come off, she directs Philip to lick Josh's chest. Both guys are rock hard by the time they take off their pants.

Philip sucks Josh's hot dick. Philip still hasn't had a lot of experience with guys, but he's studying hard at CF! Josh throws his head back in ecstasy as Philip sucks and tongues the head of his dick.

Delila thinks “a little 69 is in order here.” Josh takes Philip's veiny cock down his throat, making it glisten as he swallows it. Philip sucks Josh's dick and squeezes his nuts. Then she thinks it would be hot to have them eat each others' asses.

The guys agree! Philip sticks his tongue into Josh's ass and Josh thrusts his tongue up between Philip's bubble butt. Philip gives Josh a good spitshine, getting him ready for what's coming. Josh keeps eating Philip out and even smacks his ass cheek.

Telling Philip to lay on his back, Delila wants Josh to sit on Philip's cock. She helps lube up Philip's cock, which he enjoys. Josh sinks down onto Philip's dick. Philip doesn't waste any time, he immediately begins pounding Josh's hole.

She tells Philip to fuck his “tight little ass” and to fuck him hard. Josh asks her if she's enjoying the show. She definitely is, since she's stripped down and is playing with herself! She asks him if it feels good jacking off while Philip fucks his ass. His hard dick is all the answer we need.

Philip's learned from some of our senior class tops. He drills up into Josh's ass with an intensity I haven't seen from him before. Josh is loving it. Delila likes how naughty they get with each other. She promises they'll both get spankings afterwards – which clearly excites Philip.

Josh gets on all fours so Philip can fuck him doggy-style. Josh watches Delila play with herself as he gets pounded in the ass by Philip. From his expression, having a girl watch him get taken from behind seems to make Josh enjoy getting fucked even more.

Phillip jackhammers Josh's ass, furiously slamming his cock into that tight butt. Delila smacks Philip's ass as he fucks Josh. Guess she couldn't wait till they were done to spank them! Philip and Josh kiss as Philip keeps fucking him from behind. Philip pulls Josh's shoulders back to make sure he can penetrate that ass as deeply as possible.

Josh gets on his back, his muscled chest bouncing as Philip pounds him. He jerks his cock as Philip hammers away. He can't hold it and moans loudly. “Oh, my god, oh my god yeah!”

Cum sprays all over his stomach, splattering each of his well-defined ab muscles. Seeing Josh come turns Philip on, and he plunges back into Josh with a vengeance. He pulls out and yells as he shoots his load all over Josh, painting his stomach, balls and arm with cum.

Delila tells them they did a great job. After he and Josh kiss, Philip comments that they both made messes. She smiles slyly that she'll clean them up.

Now I know she's after my job ;)!

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