Teasing Dylan

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Teasing Dylan

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Added: May 15, 2009 | Video Length: 15:26 Minutes | Photos: 9 Photos


It's funny how things work out sometimes. The first "Teasing..." video we did, where Jeff was the one being teased, sort of came out of nowhere. He was seeing a girl who, at the time, didn't like the idea of him getting into any action with other girls on camera. She was able to deal with his being with guys, figuring there was no risk of any emotional attachment and the other guys wouldn't be a threat, but she didn't like the thought of him being with a girl. Thus, "Teasing Jeff" came to be as we decided to make the most of that situation and film him watching Trevor fuck a girl right in front of him.

What caught me off guard was just how much people liked that video! I figured we were making the most of a difficult situation, yet people found it insanely hot to watch Jeff watching Trevor fuck!

So I wanted to film another such video, but didn't want to just pull it out of nowhere. I figured that if similar circumstances ever came up with another one of our straight guys - where he really, really wanted to do a scene with a girl but wasn't allowed to for some reason - I'd definitely shoot another "Teasing..." video.

And along came Dylan! Dylan was the perfect guy to get teased for two reasons. First, he's seeing a girl that, like Jeff's girlfriend back when he filmed his teasing video, didn't like the thought of Dylan with any other girls. Secondly, though (and even better, in my opinion!), is that Dylan mentioned around several of the guys how he'd totally "rock the girl's world" and put all of CF's other guys to shame if he were allowed to do a scene with a girl. That's talking a big game! And it also made him the perfect candidate to be the guy having to find himself right there next to a girl, on the same bed with her, just inches away while she's having sex and getting fucked and yet not being able to do anything with her.

Even more things just came together with this particular Teasing video, though. TJ was in town and ready for some action! We haven't seen TJ in quite awhile, as he has been so busy with work and school. I've been looking forward to the opportunity to have him back down for quite some time now, and I also knew he was extremely eager to fuck a girl here at ACS for us. He's been in some of ACM's hottest scenes, has had some insanely hot sex with guys in front of our cameras, and it's also been way too long since we've had him here to fuck a girl! So he was the perfect candidate to have tease Dylan!

What else happened to just work out and come together in this video? Well... Dylan and TJ, for one! Right from the beginning, you could tell TJ was turned on by having Dylan there watching him. Similarly, you can tell Dylan was turned on like crazy seeing TJ fuck a girl right in front of him. The guys were so getting off on one another's presence, in fact, that they couldn't help but sneak some bi action in. When TJ tells Dylan he can suck his dick if he wants, I got so turned on by him taking the initiative like that and get Dylan to be the one to get his dick ready to fuck. Further, when they kiss, it was also hot as hell to see. Sure, the only full sex is taking place between a guy and a girl, but TJ and Dylan take total advantage of the fact that they're there with one another.

TJ outdoes himself here, really. While the girl is riding him and bouncing up and down on his big dick, he ends up saying out of nowhere, "I'm going to cum!" and pulls out to shoot a huge load all over his ripped chest. But he wasn't done there! Still horny and still hard, he gets right back to fucking the girl even after he's shot! That visibly impresses Dylan, who ends up furiously jerking off to the sight of TJ going at it and soon himself declares he's going to cum. Dylan cums all over his own tan abs as he watches TJ fuck.

TJ still wasn't done! Soon after Dylan came and shortly after some more fucking, TJ's pulls out to shoot yet another big load!

Two guys... only one is actually having sex... and yet there are three orgasms!

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