The Twins Bi-Fuckfest

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The Twins Bi-Fuckfest

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Added: April 16, 2010 | Video Length: 20:16 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


When Luca and Liam first came out to shoot with us, I sat them down together and started to chat with them about what kinds of scenes they might be up for filming, and what kind of action they might each be up for getting in to. From the get go, I told them they could each have quite a lot of fun here at CF! The fact that they're identical twins made for all kinds of interesting scenarios and scene types that we could film them in, and fortunately enough they each seemed throughly willing to give a whole lot of stuff a shot!

When I proposed the idea of filming them in a 4-way with another guy and a girl, both their faces immediately lit up. "That's hot!", they each said in near-unison. I agreed, and could hardly wait to film them in precisely such a scene!

Mind you, there were obviously some particulars involved! We obviously weren't going to expect or ask them to do anything with one another. Further, Liam still wasn't interested in getting in to any hardcore action with a guy. He did, however, seem open to "going with the flow", so to speak, so it was certainly going to be interesting seeing what might happen here!

The fact that each one is getting in to some hardcore sex right there next to and in front of his twin brother - some of that hardcore sex being with a girl and some of it being with a guy - made for quite the intense dynamic and there was no doubt this one was going to be a hot one!

You can see that both Liam and Luca are quite comfortable with what's going to happen once the cameras get rolling here. As the action gets going, Liam immediately leans in to start making out with Ashley while Connor and Luca start to make out next to them.

At one point, Luca just can't help but say, "Ohhh my god, we're going to have so much fun!". I was thinking the exact same thing, and I suspect everyone in the room was also!

Connor and Ashley get the twins on to their backs so they can pull their clothes off and start to suck them. While Connor goes down on Luca, Ashley takes Liam's cock in to her mouth. The guys can't help but glance over at one another to see what their brother is up to! Liam even reaches over real quick to put his hand on the back of Connor's head and push him down further on to his brother's cock! Then, while Connor and Luca are making out, Liam again reaches over to grab Connor's head and kiss him just as his brother had been doing seconds earlier!

It'd be fascinating to know what was going through each of the twins' minds throughout all this! Liam seemed totally blown away by it all, unable to contain giggling now and then as it all was just so overwhelming and different! As for Luca, he was too busy getting it on with Connor to get too overwhelmed by everything, I think! Remember that Luca is bi, and so was having himself a total blast with a hot guy and girl to play with! Being straight, not only was Liam in a situation where he was seeing his brother do stuff with a guy right next to him, but also finding himself messing around with Connor as well!

Indeed, I didn't anticipate Liam would be so eager to do stuff with Connor here but he reaches out for Connor's cock on several occasions, stroking it and taking it in to his mouth to suck! It must have been quite the experience for Connor when Liam would pull off his dick, only to have Luca immediately take his place and start to suck on it!

Soon, none can hold back and Liam starts to slide his dick in to Ashley and fuck. While this his happening, Connor is burying his dick in Luca's ass right next to them! The sounds of sex - moans, groans, whimpers, and slapping flesh - start to bounce off the walls as Liam grabs Ashley's hips and fucks her hard while Luca gets drilled by Connor just inches away! Again, each twin can't help but steal glances at what the other is up to, while Luca and Ashley also passionately make out as they're each getting fucked!

It was all I could do to keep up with everything! There was just so much hot imagery to film - not only the intense fucking, but also all of the kissing and the looks on everyone's faces as they checked each other out! It didn't stop as Luca and Ashley got on their hands and knees, either! Connor gets behind Luca to pound him doggy style, while Liam does the same with Ashley. Liam even reaches over to grab Connor's ass, then shoulder, encouraging him to fuck his brother harder while also using him as leverage while he drills Ashley!

Amidst all of this intense action, Luca is the first one to blow his load! While Connor drills his ass, he yells out that he's going to cum and starts to do just that! Within seconds, Liam pulls out of Ashley to start firing off his own load! Ashley and Liam then get a front row seat as Connor fires his load right in to Luca's mouth! "Get it out, brother!", Liam tells Luca! Depite the audience, Luca looks like Connor's cock and cum are all that's on his mind as he keeps sucking Connor's shooting dick and milks every last drop of cum out of him!

I think it's safe to say everyone had one hell of a time, and Luca and Liam now have quite the new experience under their belt!

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