Travis & Trey's Bi Tag Team

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Travis & Trey's Bi Tag Team

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Added: October 29, 2010 | Video Length: 17:08 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


If two über-bottoms meet, will it be like matter and anti-matter colliding, and the whole world will explode? Or does one of them adapt and become an über-top – shattering all previous conceptions of someone's traditional role at CF? When Travis and Trey tag team Ashley, the answer kind of surprises us all!

The three kiss. Trey helps her get her bra off. When Travis takes his shirt off, Trey is stunned. “You're bigger since the last time I saw you, bro!” Ashley's in the middle and she laughs. “There's hands everywhere!” Trey asks if she likes and she says she loves it.

Trey kisses her pussy as she feels Travis' ripped muscles. Trey pulls his dick out and Ashley and Travis take turns sucking him. Travis smacks her ass as she sucks Trey. All three of them are so horny for each other! Travis fingers her. She sucks and she jerks him as he sucks Trey.

Trey says they are going to get real nuts. Travis takes that as his cue to pull Trey's legs out from under him. Trey lands on his back on the bed. Travis straddles Trey's chest. Trey sucks Travis as Ashley jumps on Trey's cock and rides it. “Ride that fuckin' dick!” Trey yells to her, in between mouthfuls of Travis' big cock.

Her tits rub up against Travis' back as she holds onto him for support. She bounces on Trey's cock. Trey drills her and sucks Travis' cock at the same time. Ashley gets on her hands and knees so Travis can fuck her doggy-style while she blows Trey. They fill her up from both ends.

Travis grins and we think we know what's coming. Travis must want some cock in his ass. He rims Trey as Ashley climbs on Trey's cock again. He bites on her nips and Travis spanks her as Trey fucks her.

Then … Travis slides his cock into Trey! He tells Trey how tight his ass is, and Trey responds, “It's because you're so big!” Trey's loving Travis fucking him. Being such a cock-hungry bottom himself, Travis definitely knows how to fuck Trey right.

Trey fucks Ashley, and yells out that he feels Travis' cock in his ass. Travis rubs their cocks together, and then pushes back inside Trey. He holds Trey's legs straight up. Travis slams into Trey and Trey goes nuts with so much dick in his hole. He tries to make Travis switch positions, since he's too close to coming. But Travis – more dominant than I remember ever seeing him, won't stop pounding Trey!

Trey pleads to get fucked doggy-style and Travis finally lets him up. He jackhammers Trey as Ashley strokes Trey's cock. Travis moves Trey back to his first position. It's only a few moments before Travis shoots an insane load all over Trey!

Trey quickly sits up and sucks Travis' dick, to eat as much of his remaining spunk as possible! He jerks Travis' cock and slurps down what's left. Then Travis sticks his cock back in Trey and it's literally only seconds before he shoots all over his chest and abs!

The three kiss and I think everybody would agree with Trey when he says, “Goddamn, that was fucking fun!”

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