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Added: August 5, 2008 | Video Length: 10:36 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


Over on ACM, Travis has become increasingly popular as a bottom. CF fans just love seeing him get fucked, as he looks incredible while at it!

Let's not forget, however, that this hot young guy can fuck like a champ as well! Further, so many of the reasons why it's so fun seeing him in action - that cute smile he gets, the way his cheeks get all flush, his tight and defined body, and that big dick pointing forward - are also on display when he's the one doing the pounding as opposed to getting pounded!

I have to admit, while filming this video I found myself thinking, "That's right! He looks great on top, as well!" I'd gotten so fond of seeing Travis bottom it had skipped my mind a bit that he could pump and thrust just as enthusiastically and looked great while putting that big dick of his to work!

So, I think the final verdict is... Travis looks great regardless of what he's doing! :)

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