Trey & Delila Break In Zeb

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Trey & Delila Break In Zeb

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Added: May 13, 2011 | Video Length: 19:35 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


Some scenes are special because of who's in them, or what happens. Some are special because they feature a fan favorite. And some are just special because they are super fucking hot.

Today, featuring the return of Zeb, a cute guy who didn't do much with us last year, but made a huge impression on us and the fans. It turned out to be hotter than any of us thought it would. I knew, given Trey and Delila's natural, fun chemistry and sheer enjoyment of sex, it would have to be good.

What nobody could foresee was how enthusiastically the more inexperienced Zeb would take to this. He was a little anxious at first, but once he started playing, the intensity and fun ramped up immediately!

Trey tosses Zeb onto the bed. The blue-eyed cutie is still nervous, but laughs when he claims “They're like ganging up on me right here!” Delila and Trey tease each other and Zeb, as they undress him.

Delila kisses Zeb as Trey gets his shirt off. Zeb wants them to get undressed as well! Delila blows him as Trey kisses him and rubs his pecs.

All the attention makes Zeb rock-hard. Trey slides down to help Delila suck Zeb's cock. Trey lays back to watch, and strokes his own stiff dick. Zeb rubs Trey's chest as he watches Delila deepthroat him. The guys kiss again.

Zeb sucks Trey while Delila continues sucking Zeb. All three are clearly having a blast. Delila wants to ride Zeb, so she hops on top of his cock while Trey watches, a sly grin on his face! He strokes his dick furiously as Delila bounces up and down on Zeb.

Trey stands up and feeds Delila his cock. She loves being stuffed at both ends. Trey fucks her from behind and she sucks Zeb's dick. Trey wants Zeb to fuck him – and Zeb can't wait!

Zeb slides his cock deep into Trey's ass. He pounds Trey while Trey fucks Delila. Trey's in ecstasy, being sandwiched in between these two. He yells for Zeb to fuck him harder. Zeb responds, harder and louder. Delila whimpers with delight as Trey rams back in forth, giving and receiving at the same time.

Trey moves onto his back and Delila leans back to watch and comment. Zeb rams his cock into Trey faster. He fucks a huge creamy load out of Trey. It shoots all the way up between his pecs.

Zeb pulls out and blasts his load all over Trey. He's drenched in cum! Trey says its one of the best scenes he's ever done. I have to agree - it is definitely one of the hotter and fun moments I've ever caught on camera.

What a great way to welcome Zeb back!

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