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Trey & Ethan Teasing Cassie

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Trey & Ethan Teasing Cassie

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Added: July 23, 2010 | Video Length: 26:37 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


I don't know what it is about the teasing videos, but they definitely bring out the dirty side of the guys (and the girls!) I figured if anyone could drive Cassie crazy, it would be Trey and Ethan! Since Trey is already such a sexually-charged hunk, and Ethan showed his adventurous side when getting fucked by Dru in Costa Rica, I knew they'd be hot together.

And the shoot was more than hot, it was fun! Trey is such an energetic person to be around. And he's enthusiastic about what he does! He enjoys having sex so much, its clear he's up for almost anything. The shirts come off quickly, and as Ethan tries to take his pants off, Trey orders him not to stop kissing him.

Trey smiles and asks Cassie which one of them she wants to be. She tells him she wants to be Ethan. Trey laughs and says, “Good answer!” then he thinks about it and says, “I want to be him, too!” I think almost anyone would be happy to be either one of them!

Trey is definitely getting off on admiring and touching Ethan's ripped body. He's also getting turned on by Ethan and Cassie, telling him what to do. He's got a wide grin on his face as he starts to suck long and deeply on Ethan's dick. Ethan starts pushing Trey's head down all the way and Trey wets it down from shaft to balls. “I like it all sloppy,” Ethan says, and his hard cock is proof!

As Cassie tells them to stand up, Trey laughs that she's, “Getting me all hard, barking orders at me!” But from the stiffness of his dick, I don't think he's joking.

More intense kissing leads to Ethan sucking Trey's cock. Trey looks over to Cassie and asks her if that's what she wants to see. Cassie says it is, but soon starts taking a more active directorial role. She tells them she wants to see Ethan eat Trey's ass.

Ethan gets Trey down and gets his legs up in the air. Trey smiles and groans with disbelief. “This is new!” he says. He has this incredible smile on his face when Cassie asks if he likes it. “I do!” he yells. Ethan is buries his tongue deep inside that ass. Trey's grin is ear-to-ear as he looks over at Cassie as she watches him get his first rim job.

She tells them she wants to see them fuck. Ethan is more than ready to start plugging Trey's hole. Trey talks dirtier and dirtier as he admires Ethan's chiseled body,. Ethan pounds into him faster and faster. Apparently, Trey loves having an audience watching his ass get drilled, and he can't stop telling Ethan to “Fuck me!” and looking over at Cassie watching them.

Cassie wants to see Ethan fuck Trey like a dog – and what she wants, the guys provide! Ethan starts slamming that cock into Trey's ass, and Trey starts yelling even louder. He shoots an incredible load all over the sheets, looking at Cassie while Ethan keeps pushing his cock in and out even harder and faster. Trey tells Ethan to keep fucking him, and he does, until every last drop squirts out!

Cassie tells Ethan to come in Trey's mouth and he shoots a big creamy load all over Trey's lips. Trey licks Ethan's cock clean, and Ethan has to steady himself against the ceiling to keep standing after his explosive release!

The guys kiss and go downstairs to clean up and Connor steps in to take care of Cassie. After all, she worked hard “directing” the scene! They kiss and Connor uses the handheld cam to document her sucking him.

She helps him get his jeans off, and he gets close-up footage of his big, thick dick getting sucked. Connor hands Cassie the cam, to film him, smiling as he goes down and eats her out.

He takes back the cam, and points it down on him fucking her. It's hot to see him pound into her from this point of view! He manages to keep his camera hand fairly steady, which is impressive as he fucks her so hard! Connor takes a quick shot of them in the mirror, and then he flips her over to fuck her doggy style. She backs up on his cock, moaning and whimpering.

Connor lays down so she can ride his dick. “Oh, you're so wet, oh my god,” he tells her. He slows things down, letting her grind up and down on his dick. His dick keeps thrusting and he's already cumming just as she jumps off of him. She strokes his cock to finish him off. Connor captures a “gun-barrel” view of his own cock shooting cum straight at the lens!

This shoot was definitely anything but a tease. I can't wait to plan out the next one!

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