Dean's List Challenge - Dawson & Colt Get Sweaty

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Dean's List Challenge - Dawson & Colt Get Sweaty

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Added: March 20, 2015 | Video Length: 17:37 Minutes | Photos: 32 Photos


We all agreed that Colt was hot when we first met him, but he’s become so scorchingly sexy that he given everyone he meets butterflies and months worth of fantasies! Yet his humble nature hasn’t ebbed for a second. He’s still definitely a guy that is willing to go to all ends to please and show his gratitude when he’s been pleased! We’ve seen him excel as in any position with an energy and passion that leaves us wanting more.

With a mouth full of dick he looks up at masculine Dawson for approval, and he sure gets it as Dawson moans his appreciation for blowing skills. Colt may whimper a bit when he finally gets Dawson inside him, but regardless of how rough and hard Dawson thrusts, Colt’s bottom is hungry for more! Dawson can’t get enough of his tight perky ass as he looks for different ways to own it. Muscles abound in this steamy locker room session and it comes to an epic end when Dawson scoops up his entire load from his Colt’s abs- and drops it right into Colt’s mouth to swallow!

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