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House of Corbin - Chapter 1

4.4/5.0 avg rating

Added: June 12, 2015  |  21:13

The lines between clean and dirty blur when Colt and Noel square off for a power hour rendezvous in the shower. First embarked as a friendly encounter, they soon have to face the hard and long truths of their raging hard-ons.  Colt drops all pretenses and gets down to sucking on Noel’s huge cock.  Without pausing for a rest, Noel gives Colt’s cock the respect it deserves- with a deep-throated blowjob!

The session heats up even more as both men try to outmaneuver each other- Noel with his dick and Colt with his ass. One grinds as the other thrusts then they switch off to see who is the better dick-serving candidate until all their resources and loads have been spent and sprayed out!

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