Scandalous In Scandinavia - Trenton & Josh's POV Fuck

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Scandalous In Scandinavia - Trenton & Josh's POV Fuck

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Added: January 25, 2014 | Video Length: 54:04 Minutes


There's no denying that CF guys make some great POV fuck vids, but there's also no denying you need a certain type of pairing to really pull one off. The studs need to be insatiably horny, undeniable exhibitionists, and quite clever and even mischievous. Alone in a room together with no direction beyond their own horniness and desire to have fun, it's entirely up to them to make it work and make it hot. Well, Trenton and Josh have absolutely no problem whatsoever pulling this off! The extended b-roll included with this video shows these two studs exploring Stockholm and doing some sightseeing. The real vacation footage begins when they get back to their hotel room, though! Entirely alone in that room and armed with no more than hard dicks, hungry holes, and fully-charged cameras, Trenton and Josh get in to and film something truly priceless! The chemistry is real, the action is intense, and this entire video is both extremely hot and fun!

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