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  • AGE: 19
  • SHOE: 10
  • HEIGHT: 5'8''
  • WEIGHT: 155
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Brown
  • COCK SIZE: 8
  • CUT: YES

A boyish face, buff body and big dick are certainly ingredients for CF-greatness, and Josh was armed with all when he first arrived at CF. Expectations and anticipation were high for him after he engaged in his first solo, carried on through his first appearance on ACS, and only grew as we waited to see whether he'd ever make his way in to guy/guy action here.

As we all know he did indeed give guy/guy action a shot, and managed to exceed all expectations in that first appearance! No doubt, it helped that Josh's first guy/guy scene at CF was with the always-reliable Travis! We know Travis completely, totally loves to get fucked and with his big dick, Josh was perfectly equipped to give Travis a thorough pounding. None of us could have predicted what would take place during that pairing, though, as Josh's cock ended up fucking a massive, hands-free cumshot out of Travis!

Quite the impression to make during your first ever guy/guy scene at CF! In such a short time, he'd found himself in the middle of one of the hottest scenes ever filmed at CF and one that will forever be a CF fan favorite!

Things weren't over for Josh there, however! He proceeded to fuck and get fucked in some incredible guy/guy action, and was among the 5 CF studs that jetted off to Europe to kick off our new collaboration with Bel Ami, using that big dick and hot ass on some of his Bel Ami counterparts and appearing in the first scene to be released from that collaboration where he got mercilessly drilled by Luke Hamill!

All in all, quite the impressive start for a newcomer! Josh hadn't even been on the CF Stud roster for 6 months before he'd cemented himself as a favorite among CF fans!

Did Josh ignite fast, only to burn out quickly? Or will he continue to shine and sizzle? Only time will tell, but he's no doubt set CF fans' expectations quite high given how remarkable his early performances were! The boyish face, ripped body, and hot dick definitely help when it comes to continuing to put on scorching hot performances and making his fans happy! While that first appearance with Travis set the bar quite high for all of his future action, I get the feeling this young Upstart has plenty more planned for his fans and isn't done yet!

Episodes Featuring Josh:

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28:53 Minutes & 15 Photos

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17:11 Minutes & 12 Photos

Pura Vida 2 - Tom & Josh Take A Plunge

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