Pura Vida 2 - Blond Free For All

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Pura Vida 2 - Blond Free For All

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Added: April 26, 2014 | Video Length: 28:53 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


While Josh and Jacob might be the ones starting off the action here together, it’s not long before Tom finds his way to the bedroom to join them and the Blond Free For All begins! With these three hot-bodied studs horned up and eager for action, all-out intense fucking is what follows. Tom is the first one to get a dick in him, as Josh starts drilling his hole while Jacob does the same to Tom’s mouth. Indeed, Tom really gets the royal treatment here - Jacob and Josh go back and forth between his mouth and ass, using him in ways we’ve never seen Tom used before! It was as if Josh and Jacob were competing to see who could fuck him deepest and hardest! These three then find even more ways to make the most of having so much dick and ass at their disposal, eventually working themselves in to a train where Josh gets fucked by Jacob while Jacob gets fucked by Tom. Jacob’s clearly loving this position, with his cock buried in Josh and Tom’s going to work on his hole. Even when the guys switch up positions, Jacob’s eager to get Tom’s dick back inside him. Josh wanted Tom’s cock in him as well, though, so moves Jacob out of the way to take a turn. All three of these guys spend some time sitting down on some hard dick and going for a ride until the loads start spraying all over!

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