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  • AGE: 19
  • SHOE: 13
  • HEIGHT: 6'2''
  • WEIGHT: 165
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 7.5
  • CUT: YES
Cole's was one of the more fun intro solo videos I've filmed in a long while, simply because he is such a showman! This young man loves to be on camera, has a tremendous sex drive, and I guess decided that he wasn't just going to jerk off for us but also be as hot and into it as possible. He's also one of those guys that is both hot and cute at the same time. I think you'll see what I mean when watching his interview. He's clearly a hot, athletic, masculine straight stud, while at the same time having these boyish mannerisms and traits that are totally endearing.

Cole's an outgoing guy, and while he was out here to film this video, he won everyone over with his personality. He has a great smile that he readily shares, and was always armed with a great joke. Of course, the fact that he's such a stud doesn't hurt, either!

Cole's a hardcore athlete who loves sports, chief among them basketball. This athleticism really shows in a tight, wonderfully defined body that is great to look at - especially while he's stripped down naked and furiously stroking it! As I'd mentioned before, Cole was definitely having a good time while showing off in front of our cameras and really made the most of things here. This all caught me by surprise quite a bit, as it's not often a guy is so expressive and outgoing during their solo! It makes the solo itself pretty hot, but also can't help but get me obsessed over what they'd be like in some action! Hopefully that action isn't too far around the corner!

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