Cole's First Time

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Cole's First Time

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Added: January 28, 2009 | Video Length: 21:46 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


I've been looking forward to this video for awhile!

As you know, I had a ton of fun filming Cole's intro solo video. He was so lively, turned on, engaging and fired up that his presence on camera was great. He practically fogged up the camera lenses with his energy as he played with himself and, clearly, his viewers!

So, I couldn't wait to see how he'd take to getting into action with a guy for the first time. It wasn't an easy thing to make happen, as he took quite a bit of convincing! Eventually, though, he decided he was up for giving it a shot and I knew there was only one guy that should be his first - Derek!

These two studs have quite a bit in common - they both spend as much time as possible playing basketball and totally love the sport and, more important to what we're interested in, have shown themselves to be quite lively on camera!

Once the action got started, Cole didn't disappoint. While he was clearly nervous at the outset, the horny, sex-loving part of him eventually took ever. His face doesn't hide the fact that his dick feels great while Derek works it with both his mouth and ass. Further, while there are clearly times he's not entirely sure what to do with his hands (that's always something I get a kick out of seeing during a straight stud's first time - they never quite know where to put their hands or what to touch!), there are other times he places them on Derek's ripped body and seems truly intrigued by how that feels.

I was totally caught off guard when, while on his back with Derek riding his cock, Cole even reached up and around to grab Derek's dick and give it a few quick strokes! I have no idea what was going through his head when he did that, but suspect that a big part of it was that he got more and more turned on as he saw just how turned on he was making Derek. Seeing how Derek would react to his dirty talk and even having Derek talk back to him really seemed to just drive Cole on.

By the time they got on their sides with Cole fucking Derek from behind, I felt like I was filming an entirely different video than what I'd been filming during the first few minutes of their action together. From being a bit shy and unsure of what to do at the outset, Cole was now totally and completely into the action. He absolutely loved the fact that he was feeling good, as well as making someone else feel so good with his dick and his thrusts. As Derek shoots his load with Cole's cock deep inside him, Cole looks totally transfixed, mesmerized, and unbelievably turned on by it all. He ratchets up the dirty talk, and Derek responds in kind! He was a perfect match for Derek, as Derek seemed insanely turned on by it all even more so than usual!

Cole won me over and made me a fan during his solo, but he really sealed the deal with his first time here and I'm hoping like hell we get to see more of him soon!

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