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Added: May 19, 2008 | Video Length: 11:31 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


This vid was a long time coming! And no, I'm not setting myself up for a cheap pun there.

A couple of years ago, a friend told me he knew someone that would be absolutely perfect for the site and, what's more, that this college stud was pretty interested and even eager to film a video for us. Unfortunately, things just didn't work out back then as the college stud in question, Austin, was so busy with school and other things that he just never made it out to film a video for us and we eventually dropped out of touch.

Lo and behold, all this time later, my friend calls me up one day saying, "Hey... remember that Austin guy from way back when?" I won't lie... I had no idea who he was talking about as it had been such a long time. But when he showed me a couple pictures, that definitely fired my memory up and I did recall that Austin was insanely hot, had a great face and smile, a totally perfect body, and was an ideal match for the site! Turns out he had not forgotten about us and was still interested in appearing on the site!

As you can imagine, this made me pretty darn happy :) But what made me even happier is that Austin had become even hotter in those couple of years since we'd first talked. His body was even more defined, features even more masculine, and he'd even had himself a lot of time to think about filming a video for us and think about how to show off in a way that made his intro solo as hot as could be. He doesn't just lay back and jerk off here, but really gets off on stripping down for us and showing off. He gets himself worked up in a number of positions, letting us see every inch of his great bod, before firing off his load.

As I'd said earlier, getting Austin here has been a long time coming! And I'm going to do all I can to make sure this isn't the last we see of this stud! :)

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