Corbin Fisher

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  • AGE: 21
  • SHOE: 11.5
  • HEIGHT: 5'10''
  • WEIGHT: 180
  • BODY BUILD: Muscular
  • HAIR COLOR: Brown
  • EYES: Brown
  • COCK SIZE: 6.5
  • CUT: YES

There's a very surreal element to having Austin up on the Dean's List. I had been in touch with Austin on and off for quite a long time before he ever came out to film a video with us. That he ever finally made it out to film even a solo blew me away at the time. That's he's now on the Dean's List with an awesome collection of hot, guy/guy videos under his belt has be blown away even more! Not only did Austin finally make it down to film a video with us, but he also embarked on the CF Education, did a masterful job of it, had an incredibly fun and hot time while at it, and won over quite a following among CF's fans. It's only fitting that Austin has made such an impression since arriving at CF because he excels at just about everything he does - sports, academics, and sex included! He is most certainly an All-Star performer and an All-Star guy!

Just as on the field or on the track, Austin puts his all in to his performances here at CF. He doesn't hold anything back and that's apparent when you see his first couple of guy/guy experiences! The first time Austin fucked a guy, he looked like he couldn't have possibly been having more fun. the first time Austin got fucked by a guy, he looked like he was experiencing the greatest pleasure he'd ever felt!

Taking to the action like an athlete pumped and ready for the big game, Austin throws himself in to every sex session we've had the pleasure of seeing him in eager and ready to go and to give it his all. He never complains. He never needs a break. He never needs to rest. He never asks for a time out. Instead, he has some insanely hot sex, puts that awesome body of his to work, and nearly melts the cameras with the sizzling action he gets in to!

I often find myself thinking, "If only Austin had come out to shoot when I first met him!" Indeed, we'd have so many more awesome Austin videos to enjoy had that been the case! I suspect he has similar thoughts, making up for lost time with the energy and enthusiasm he approaches every one of his videos with. Good things come to those who wait, though, and Austin has definitely been a very good thing! If making up for lost time is part of why he has his never-quit attitude and goes out of his way to give his all to every performance, that wait was certainly a blessing in disguise! More than likely, however, Austin would have still been the stellar performer regardless of when he finally arrived at CF.

He is, after all, the All-American All-Star; one of CF's studliest studs and best performers; one of the hottest guys I've ever had the pleasure of filming; capable of making every scorching hot sex session he gets in to genuinely look like the most pleasurable and intense sex ever caught on camera. He is, without a doubt, rightly deserving of his place on our Dean's List!

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