Carter Fucks Austin

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Carter Fucks Austin

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Added: October 12, 2010 | Video Length: 18:30 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


It's so awesome having Austin back! And today I paired him up with freshman Carter, whose drool-worthy body rivals Austin's own muscular physique. I ask Carter how he likes CF so far and he says he's having fun.

Since Carter told us in his solo that he identifies as bi-sexual, I joke around with Austin that we know what he identifies as – a cum-hungry bottom. He laughs, but he quickly proves me right!

He aggressively kisses Carter and pulls up his shirt to get a taste of that ripped body. In between kisses, Carter's pants are suddenly gone, as is Austin's shirt. Both guys are passionately kissing each other and can't seem to stop.

Austin kisses Carter's cock and balls. He kisses Carter, then sucks Carter's dick. It's stiff, but Austin's mouth brings it to full hardness. Austin's cock is rock-hard. It almost springs out of his pants. He's clearly ready for anything!

They start 69ing each other. Austin spanks Carter's ass as Carter's dick slides down his throat. Austin's own big cock is getting deep-throated by our new freshman. The 69 dick-sucking then turns to a 69 ass-eating! Carter pulls Austin's legs over his head so he can tongue Austin's hole. Austin returns the favor, licking and eating out Carter's ass.

Carter smacks Austin's hot ass as his own ass gets eaten. Austin tells Carter he wants to ride him. Carter lays down and Austin slides down onto that hot cock. Riding Carter in a reverse-cowgirl, Austin proves me right – he IS a cum-hungry bottom!

Drilling deep up into Austin's ass, Carter pounds away. Austin is loving it. His big cock sticks straight up. I don't know if the handsome Austin has ever looked better – or been in better shape. His abs and pecs look amazing.

Austin says, “Come on, fuck it,” and Carter pumps even harder. Austin grinds back and forth on Carter's dick, loving every inch. The guy definitely likes to get fucked.

Austin gets on his knees so Carter can fuck him doggy-style. Watching these two muscle studs go at it is like watching wild animals fuck. In fact, Austin is panting and moaning like a dog in heat. His cock bounces up and down as he get pummeled from behind.

Carter continues to thrust inside Austin. He flips Austin over so he can fuck him missionary-style. Austin says, “Come on, fuck me harder … oh, yeah, right there!” Carter plunges deeper into him. Austin's in ecstasy.

Austin shoots! He yells with pleasure and paints his abs with a thick load. Carter quickly adds his own explosive load, drenching Austin in cum – all the way up to his chest. I wonder if that's enough even for our cum-hungry Austin … though I doubt it!

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