Blowing Austin

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Blowing Austin

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Added: June 30, 2008 | Video Length: 12:22 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


I quite distinctly remember the very first time we filmed TJ in some guy/guy action. Already, I was tremendously excited to be working with him in the first place. But when I actually found myself standing there, camera in hand, seeing him get it on with another guy for the very first time I was totally blown away.

Responses to his first time (and, indeed, first couple of times) in action with another guy were mixed, however. People were thrilled he'd taken that step, no doubt, but TJ was also obviously a fair bit nervous during those videos. He wasn't the most expressive guy during those scenes, and it was clear that he wasn't quite sure what to make of the entire experience.

Fast forward to today, and TJ is absolutely one of the best guys in the CF stable! Not only is he insanely hot, but he also goes at it with a ton of energy in his vids. He bottoms like a champ, fucks with endless enthusiasm, and every inch of him looks as hot as can be while he's in action!

From those early days as a nervous and anxious newcomer, he's grown into the kind of stud that can break in a new guy and do a masterful job at it! I love the fact that we've been able to see him come so far - to the point where it's hard to imagine and quite easy to forget the fact that he was so shy and quiet early on!

Austin, on the other hand, hasn't needed any time to adjust. Once those cameras are on, he becomes noticeably more excited. I think the only thing he enjoys more than getting off is getting off with a camera around! Don't get me wrong - Austin took a good deal of convincing to have a go at getting into some action with a guy. It was a foreign concept to him and he wasn't quite sure what to make of the offer once I'd made it.

After he agreed to give it a shot, however, he also made up his mind to have as much fun with it as possible. He looked like he couldn't be having more fun and as if he wasn't the slight bit nervous! In fact, after TJ gets Austin off here, I even asked Austin, "Was that as easy for you as it looked?"

"I was nervous as hell!" he confessed. "But I figured I should look like I was having as much fun as possible if people are going to pay to see me!"

"Were you having fun," I asked.

"A slight bit at first, though still pretty freaked out. Then it just kept getting better and better! When you're getting an amazing BJ it's hard not to start having a ton of fun," Austin said.

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