Josh Fucks Austin

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Josh Fucks Austin

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Added: November 23, 2010 | Video Length: 22:45 Minutes | Photos: 18 Photos


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to find some special pairings for our members. In going through past videos, I realized Josh and Austin had never fucked. Josh is topping a lot lately and Austin is always an awesome bottom.

What I didn't realize was underneath Josh's cute, All-American face and bod, lurked such a nasty guy! But I know Austin enjoyed it, and I think everyone else will, too!

Austin kisses Josh's stomach. He rubs Josh's cock through his jeans. Josh gets Austin on his back and kisses his nipples and chest. He all but rips Austin's jeans off, and sucks his dick.

Josh works the head of Austin's cock with his mouth, and strokes the shaft. Austin half-moans, half-laughs, he enjoys the sensation so much. Josh spits on Austin's dick to get it even wetter. He sucks on Austin's nuts as well.

Of course, this is driving Austin … well, nuts! He sucks Josh's dick. Austin licks the sides of Josh's shaft, and then swallows his cock to the root.

Austin's dick is rock-hard as Josh tells him to get on all fours. Josh smacks his ass, and licks Austin's hole. “Keep eating that,” Austin moans ecstatically. Josh strokes Austin's cock for him while eating out his hole.

The moaning doesn't stop and something gives Josh an idea. He licks his finger and sticks it in Austin's hole. Predictably, this gets Austin hot. So, Josh sticks another finger in. And another.

AND another! He's got four fingers in Austin's ass! Austin is going batshit crazy. Josh's cock is sticking straight out, he's so turned on. Then he sticks his thumb in Austin's hole as well!

I thought I might have to step in at this point. After all, the name of the site isn't Corbin Fister! But Josh has let his hand have enough fun for now. He's ready to fuck Austin for real.

Josh shoves his cock inside. He pounds Austin doggy-style. Austin pants like a dog in heat, loving every second. Josh flips Austin onto his back.

Austin really gets pounded by Josh in the missionary position “Fuck me, come on!” Austin yells. Josh does. He rams his cock deep into the muscle bottom's ass. A huge, thick load explodes out of Austin's cock. Cum lands all over his ripped abs.

Josh keeps plugging him. At the last second, he pulls out and shoots his load all over Austin's cock.

Afterwards, we get a quick bonus look at Josh and Austin's photo shoot outside. Josh and Austin sit on the bench and stroke till they're hard. It's a tough job, making hot naked guys get photographed in various positions!

Then we head back indoors to watch the guys have a snack. They joke that they are only eating healthy for the camera. Austin says it's usually all ice cream and chimichangas. Don't give away our nutrition secrets, Austin!

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