Cade Fucks Jeff

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Cade Fucks Jeff

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Added: February 27, 2008 | Video Length: 10:51 Minutes | Photos: 20 Photos


Though not every one of CF's studs has done it, it sometimes feels like bottoming for Cade is a rite of passage for many of the guys. When I told Jeff I was thinking about pairing him up with Cade, his immediate reaction was, "Aw... man... I knew this day was coming!", accompanied by a fair bit of nervous laughter! He smiled that priceless Jeff smile and shook his head a bit, getting a kick out of the whole idea but obviously a bit spooked at the prospect of taking on Cade's cock!

Apparently, a couple of the other guys that had bottomed for Cade before had said things to him like, "Watch out if you ever have to bottom for Cade! He'll split you in two!".

Well... despite a fair bit of nervous anticipation (mixed with a little fear!) Jeff did an absolutely brilliant job here! Even though Jeff's bottoming experience is extremely limited, Cade is such a chill, easygoing, friendly guy that he has to have helped put Jeff at ease. In fact, rather than holding off as long as he could, Jeff's already lowering his hot ass on to Cade's thick dick right away in this vid, after just enough sucking to get Cade hard and ready.

From that point on, it's just pure and uninterrupted fucking! Cade drives his big dick into Jeff's ass over and over, making Jeff moan and groan and whimper with every thrust (Jeff's noises are some of the hottest we've ever been treated to here at CF!) and Jeff's facial expressions are absolutely priceless. Despite having to take it slow at the start, by the end of this video Cade is pulling his dick all the way out of Jeff's hole and slamming it back in. Also at the end of this video, you can't help but notice Jeff almost instinctively turn his face to Cade's for a kiss as he's about to cum. Hot!

Looks to me like Jeff had nothing to fear and, instead, he and Cade were the perfect match to make an insanely hot vid!

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