Cain Fucks Colby

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Cain Fucks Colby

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Added: February 23, 2010 | Video Length: 23:27 Minutes | Photos: 17 Photos


Double the fun in this one! Not only do we get to see newcomer muscle stud Cain using that big dick of his on a fellow CF Stud's hole, but we also get to see Colby bottom again! To say I was eager to get this one filmed would be an understatement. In just a couple appearances in action with other guys, Colby has quickly become a CF favorite and I'm constantly getting requests to see more and more of him. Further, Cain made quite the impression when he first landed at CF, with that buff body, those awesome muscles, and that handsome face. Now we're seeing these two hot, young men paired up with one another and the results are intense!

It's wild to think that it wasn't too long ago that both Colby and Cain had never done anything with another guy. Of course, that all changed when they arrived at CF and we've seen them each have some incredibly hot fun in action with other guys. This is only Cain's second time ever with another guy, but his youthful enthusiasm and wild sex drive do wonders when it comes to his letting go of all inhibitions and hang-ups, focusing on how good everything feels, and having a blast.

Colby's quite the enthusiastic one as well - an extremely sexual young man who knows pleasure when he feels it and has discovered he certainly feels plenty of it while in front of our cameras! He takes on Cain's big, thick dick like a champ here! We first see him on his knees on the bed, Cain standing in front of him, as he wraps those hot lips around Cain's cock and starts to suck him deep and hard. He has Cain moaning, groaning, and pumping his hips as he works over the head of his cock with his mouth and drives him nuts!

It's quite the hot image seeing Colby with such a thick piece of meat in his mouth! It's quite hot, as well, seeing Cain get him to lay back on the bed so he can return the favor, taking Colby's hard dick in to his mouth and sucking on it! We know that the best way to tell how Colby is feeling is to pay attention to those facial expressions, and Cain gets some great ones out of him as he bobs up and down on his cock.

Both of these studs have dicks that just won't quit, their hard cocks straining throughout the action and responding to every single touch! When Cain pulls up from sucking on Colby's cock so the two can kiss, it's some of the hottest kissing you can imagine! These guys are clearly into one another and clearly into what's going on!

They break away from that hot kissing so that Cain can start to slide his dick in to Colby's ass, and we can't help but imagine how intense that must feel for Colby! Cain's big, thick dick works its way in to Colby's tight ass, getting a gasp and grunt from Colby with every inch that slides in! Colby's entire body is flexing tight as he gets plugged, and Cain's own ripped muscles are bulging as he gets his cock buried deep in Colby's ass!

Thank goodness Cain starts slow, as it no doubt took awhile for Colby to get used to being filled with such a thick dick. Soon enough, however, Cain just can't restrain himself and starts to fuck with faster, more powerful strokes. Really giving Colby's hole a work out, he then breaks from those fast thrusts to slowly work his cock in as deep as it will go - and everything he does with his cock gets an immediate, loud, expressive reaction out of Colby! With just sound and no image, this would still be an insanely hot pairing and you would have no problem whatsoever being able to tell that Cain was fucking Colby good and hard and Colby is loving it!

Colby doesn't just get fucked here, though! When Cain lies on his back, that thick dick pointing towards the sky, Colby lowers himself down on to it and starts to fuck himself silly on Cain's cock. Now, he has Cain grunting and moaning just as much, both guys filling the room with the sounds of intense sex! It really looks like Cain is blown away by it all as Colby bounces up and down on his cock! At one point, he can't restrain from thrusting up in to Colby hard and fast, furiously pumping his dick in and out as both guys get closer and closer to the edge.

Moving around real quick so that Colby is on his hands and knees, as up, Cain gets his dick buried back in Colby's ass, going in balls deep and driving Colby wild. With long, slow strokes he gets as much of his cock in Colby as he can. How either has held out from cumming this long, I have no idea! But soon they're both at the point where they just can't hold back anymore. Totally dominating Colby's ass, Cain drills him harder and faster as Colby grips his own dick and starts to stroke. Seconds after wrapping his hands around his own cock, Colby is spraying a load all over the bed! At the same time, Cain pulls out to fire his own load all over Colby's back!

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