Cain Fucks Lucas

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Cain Fucks Lucas

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Added: July 1, 2010 | Video Length: 21:02 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


It's always special when I get to showcase Lucas. He's been one of CF's stars for a long time and his business keeps him “semi-retired” from us. I'm always looking for a way to get him back, or a special pairing that I know he (and the fans) will truly enjoy. And who better to keep him out of full retirement than hottie CF freshman, Cain?

Even though Lucas jokes about being in his prime now, it's no exaggeration. It's true. He gets better physically and more skillful sexually with time. And he's ready to put some of that experience to the test, just as Cain is ready to show him what a freshman can do. Before the shoot, they got acquainted by hanging out, playing some catch. I probably should have had some cameras on that game!

Of course, the obvious question comes up. When asked if Lucas made a better pitcher or catcher, Cain slyly smiles and says, “He catches pretty good.” The chemistry between these two promises to make this shoot something extra special.

Added to that, it's been at least eight months since Lucas has “caught” for another CF stud. The enthusiastic and dominant Cain is perfectly suited to get him back in the swing of things. And in a boyish moment of hero worship, Cain admits how excited he is that he gets to “fuck one of the legends.”

And it is a legendary fuck! Cain brings an intense focus to every guy he's with, but even he was surprised how turned on he got by Lucas. Right from the start, the buff stud couldn't keep his hands and lips off Lucas. And Lucas was just as hungry for Cain's body.

As Lucas kisses and licks Cains six-pack abs, Cain's boner strains to get free of his shorts. As Lucas's tongue worships Cain's hot dick from head to balls, Cain plays with his balls and can't stop moaning with pleasure.

Lucas also gets so turned on by this eager young stud, that when Cain starts kissing his sensitive nipple, Lucas visibly jumps! The action only gets hotter and more intense. Cain tells Lucas its “a lot better than I expected.” It's exceeding all my expectations, too.

Clearly enjoying every inch of Lucas' cock and muscled body, Cain jerks their dicks together and rubs Lucas's balls. He's obviously anxious to get inside his new buddy and show him how that big cock will feel! He's so eager, in fact, Lucas has to stop him and remind him to get a condom on!

But even a condom can't lessen the pleasure of Cain's urgent pounding. Lucas climbs on top of him and thoroughly enjoys the ride from the sounds of his moans. Cain enjoys it too – so much so that he lapses from English into Romanian!

From there, it's fast and furious fucking to an explosive load on Lucas's abs and a mouthful of Cain's cum. As the legend and the rising star kiss, Lucas tells Cain he's got a great future at CF. After seeing this video, I don't think anyone would disagree!

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