Cain's First Time

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Cain's First Time

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Added: February 4, 2010 | Video Length: 20:52 Minutes | Photos: 21 Photos


Immediately after filming Cain's introductory solo, I went about discussing with him whether he'd be interested in getting into some guy/guy action with us. I felt he looked incredible on camera, felt he had a great attitude about everything, and knew people would love seeing him get it on with another guy! When we filmed him in his first bit of hardcore action with a girl over on ACS, all of that was only confirmed! He's a total stud with an awesome body and a great dick, and we just had to get him into some action with another guy!

Thankfully, Cain was open to the idea! He had some reservations, mind you. He said he still had to think about what, exactly, he might be willing to do with another guy and what he felt he might be comfortable with, but there was something I knew about him that I felt would eventually overrule any hesitation and something he hadn't quite realized yet. Precisely what was that?

Well... he's 18! Newly 18, at that! So whether he even knew it would be a factor, he has a dick that's eager and ready to feel good and have fun, he's capable of being horny in just about any situation, and he couldn't possibly be more into getting off and blowing a load once worked up! It almost sounds unfair to draw such conclusions but... well... just watch him in action here!

He gets into things right away, not holding back as he and Josh make out and run their hands all over one another's ripped bodies. Once Josh goes down on Cain and starts to swallow his big, uncut dick, Cain is gasping, "Oh yeah!" and his cock is totally stiff and hard! I suspect he wasn't anticipating a guy could deliver such an incredible BJ, but as every inch of his cock disappears down Josh's throat, he's made fully aware of how much fun this is going to be and how good everything is going to feel!

While the prospect of sucking another guy was something Cain was a bit hesitant about to start with, he couldn't help but go down on Josh and return the favor Josh had just done for him. He gets Josh's dick totally drenched in spit as he sucks and licks it, tasting another guy's cock for the very first time ever and not minding it at all! It was his own cock in Josh's mouth that was really driving him nuts, though, so he's soon again feeding it to Josh, sliding his dick between Josh's lips and starting to fuck his mouth with quick thrusts. Josh takes it like a champ, and looks like he just couldn't be happier completely wowing a new guy with his oral skills!

Cain then gets Josh on his hands and knees and discovers another first with him! As he grabs Josh's firm ass and moves his face in closer to it, you can almost see him thinking about whether or not he should proceed! He finally does, and ends up flicking his tongue over Josh's hole, rimming him and getting quite the reaction out of Josh. Seeing just how much Josh was enjoying this must have made an impression on Cain, as he then starts to slide a finger into Josh's ass, playing with his hole and getting Josh all worked up.

By now, both guys are ready to fuck! Josh wants Cain's dick in him bad, and Cain is totally into the fact that every bit of attention he's paid to Josh's hole really made Josh feel good! He pulls out his finger, moves his dick into position, and buries it in!

Now, the real action begins! Buff and muscular Cain goes about fucking Josh deep and hard, getting as much of that cock of his into Josh's tight hole as he can! He looks amazing as he drills Josh from behind, and both guys are grunting and moaning nonstop!

Cain then lays back so Josh can sit on his dick, and in this new position we really see just how much Josh is totally loving things! His dick is rock hard as Cain thrusts up into him, and on a few occasions Josh can't help but almost smile as the pleasurable sensations overwhelm him! For his part, Cain can't get over just how great Josh's ass feels, and likewise can't help but be pretty wowed by just how much another guy is obviously enjoying taking his cock inside them!

They eventually work their way to having Josh on his back, legs up, while Cain fucks his hole with long strokes. Cain occasionally pulls all the way out, then slides his dick back in. He then starts alternating his pace - sometimes totally piston-fucking fast, then moving back to the long, deep and slow strokes! "Ooooh fuck!", Josh moans!

Josh then blasts a huge load all over, massive spurts flying through the air and landing all over him! That just turns Cain on even more, and he pumps Josh's hole a few more times before pulling out, moving up the bed and placing the tip of his dick into Josh's open and eager mouth as he starts to shoot his own load! He even uses a finger to wipe up some of the cum that shot on to Josh's cheek and feed it to him!

After this intense fuck, I don't think Cain was hesitant about doing any and all with another young stud anymore! And I think Josh was as happy about that as Cain!

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