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Dawson Fucks Dylan Part Two

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Dawson Fucks Dylan Part Two

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Added: April 15, 2009 | Video Length: 10:23 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


This vid is in two parts, as there was just so much damn footage and the guys just kept going and going that there was no way I could have fit it all into a single part. It has to be one of the most playful and fun, while at the same time entirely sexual and erotic, videos I've filmed!

Dawson and Dylan have a great rapport right from the get go, and you'll pick up on the playful mood they're both in I'm sure. Not only were they both incredibly turned on and ready for some hot sex, but they were each genuinely having fun. Joking back and forth with one another, making little comments to each other, and constantly looking at one another to smile and giggle, it was like watching two close buds take a break from hanging out and watching the game to suck and fuck and get one another off real quick. And... that's a pretty hot thought! haha.

Dylan gets some priceless looks on his face throughout, as he clearly seems to be pretty into what's going on. Dylan's been working out quite a bit and has built up a pretty hot bod, and I suspect that Dawson was a bit of an inspiration on that front as Dylan can't resist staring and feeling up Dawson's muscles at every opportunity. His smirk shows you he's really getting a kick out of it all, as well.

Dawson must have been having himself a ton of fun, also, as he took to sucking Dylan and getting him worked up with some real passion. He manages to be both a bit dominant, as well as entirely selfless, during the foreplay. It's as if he knows what would feel good for Dylan, and insists he gets the chance to do just that.

As Dylan is on his shoulders, ass in the air while Dawson plays with it, you can tell some hot fucking is soon to follow. We had to wait though, nonetheless, as both of these guys were definitely into the ass play. Dawson buries finger after finger into Dylan's smooth hole and if it was any indication, some hot fucking would surely follow.

Part two is where the fucking starts, and by this point Dawson is as hard as a rock and Dylan can hardly wait for it! While playful all along, there's no denying Dawson settled into the more dominant role and Dylan the more submissive early on in the action. At this point, Dylan just completely and totally gives his hole up to Dawson and Dawson happily and eagerly takes it. Dawson's fingering did the trick, too, as Dylan needed no time to get accustomed to his dick - the instant it's inside him, he is wanting to get fucked good, hard, and fast.

Dylan's dick is straining and as hard as a rock throughout, as Dawson's constant pumping has him totally horned up.

It's the more subtle things that really tell you how into each other these guys were, though - reaching out and touching one another whenever possible, eye contact, feeling one another up, and so on. Yes, the hard dicks are pretty obvious, but all of those more subtle things are what really made it hot for me to watch and film!

After Dawson had been fucking Dylan for quite awhile, he flipped him over on to his back for some more missionary position action. Dylan couldn't take anymore, though, and almost instantly shoots his load! Still horny, though, he's on his back - mouth open, clearly ready for it - soon thereafter, waiting for Dawson's load to get shot into his mouth and all over his face!

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