Dawson Fucks Jeff

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Dawson Fucks Jeff

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Added: July 16, 2008 | Video Length: 15:24 Minutes | Photos: 15 Photos


I never imagined when Jeff first arrived at CF that he'd become one of our most popular bottoms. He had held out from having a go at getting fucked by a guy for the longest time, and there was a point that I'd even resigned myself to the possibility that we'd never get to see him bottom at all.

Things have definitely changed, however, as he ultimately did give bottoming a shot and, what's more, blew people away while doing it! His facial expressions, moans, groans, whimpers and body language while getting fucked are as hot as can be, and he took getting furiously pounded by Lucas like a champ. He also took on Cade's thick dick and did an awesome job of it. There's no denying he's come to appreciate how good getting fucked can feel!

So, it is extra neat having Jeff get fucked by Dawson here. Not only has it been quite awhile since we've seen Dawson here on ACM, but we also know that he is as skilled as anyone at fast paced, furious piston-fucking! His perfectly-toned body is a sex machine, and we've been treated to seeing him put that build to work on many occasions! We know Dawson can fuck like a champ, and we know Jeff can take it like a champ! An ideal pairing!

What's more, however, Dawson is really the one who first introduced Jeff to anal fun! Though Dawson wasn't the first CF stud to fuck Jeff, he and Jeff did get into some hot dildo fun that marked the first time Jeff had ever had anything up his ass! With Dawson's easygoing attitude, he put Jeff at ease and enabled him to relax and, eventually, thoroughly enjoy the feelings a guy can get from having his hole played with. It was that experience between the two of them that really started Jeff off on exploring this new kind of fun and discovering that, while the dick is often the sole focus of sexual pleasure for straight guys, the ass should not be ignored! ;)

Well, Dawson definitely doesn't ignore Jeff's ass here as he drills Jeff good and hard as Jeff loves every second of it. These two studs look great together and the sex is intense!

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