Corbin Fisher

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(5.0/5.0 Avg rating)

  • AGE: 18
  • SHOE: 12
  • HEIGHT: 6'0''
  • WEIGHT: 165
  • BODY BUILD: Athletic
  • HAIR COLOR: Blond
  • EYES: Blue
  • COCK SIZE: 7
  • CUT: YES

Immediately after updating the Dean's List with Travis, The Boy Next Door, I took a look at some of the Dean's List voting patterns for the past year or so and kept seeing a recurring theme - Jeff was regularly coming in second or third place but never quite retaining regular command of the top slot on Dean's List voting. In fact, he's consistently performed in the top 3 so often and for so long that he'd actually gotten more votes over the last year than any other CF stud as top vote-getters would get pulled out of the running when placed on the List, yet Jeff would stay on the ballot to consistently show impressively!

I thought this was all pretty funny, and actually shared that with Jeff. In his trademark laid-back, chill-out style, Jeff just laughed it all off, smiled that killer smile (with those killer dimples and captivating eyes!) and said, "Story of my life!" Aw!

Asking him what he meant by that, Jeff shared, "I've always been a bit of an underdog and fly under the radar a lot. I'm not the flashiest or loudest but I win 'em over in the end," he said, with a wink. Well, he won me over! And he's won over a great many CF fans and so it's only fitting that Jeff earns himself a spot on the Dean's List here and how, while ahead in the voting not only in this latest batch of voting but, indeed, over the course of the entire last year!

That didn't stop a few of us from having some fun with him, though! As word got out among some of the models and staff that Jeff was consistently coming in second place on the Dean's List voting but that we were going to honor him with a slot on the List nonetheless, people were poking some fun at him and suggesting nicknames such as "The Sidekick", "Numero Uno Plus One", "The Also Ran", "The Silver Medalist", "One Of The Other Guys In The Pool With Michael Phelps", "Hillary", "McCain", and a whole host of other suggestions. Jeff would laugh off each one with his trademarked, dimpled smile and great attitude.

Jeff has certainly won us over and when you look at him, it's easy to spot how. He is nothing short of stunning, physically. He is hot not in a fashion model sort of way, but in a quintessential All-American guy sort of way. I regularly get e-mails from members sharing their belief that he is, by far, the hottest guy on CF not just because of his looks, but because of his attitude. He's friendly and charming, while at the same time clearly mischievous and fun-loving. He has a hint of cockiness about him, while at the same time not only able but always willing and eager to laugh at himself and not take himself too seriously.

He's full of surprises, many of his latest videos being the biggest surprises of all! After first arriving at CF, it took what felt like ages for Jeff to ever agree to giving bottoming a shot. What's more, his initial hardcore videos didn't hide the fact that he was a bit awkward and nervous with guys and wasn't entirely ready to be as enthusiastic and eager with guys as this straight stud showed himself to be. That all seems like ages ago, though, as Jeff has become one of CF fan's favorite bottoms - his facial expressions, body language, enthusiasm, eagerness, and oh-so-incredible moans, groans and whimpers making for some of the hottest hardcore action we've ever been fortunate enough to film here!

So, not only is Jeff incredibly hot and amazing to watch in action, but we also know him as one of the friendliest, most easygoing guys at CF. He's the kind of guy that's not only great to look at, but obviously a blast to hang out with. He's the kind of guy that would make you rock-hard and drool, while also making you laugh and putting you entirely at ease. He's the ideal friend and lover - someone you could have a total blast with while hanging out and having the most fun imaginable with before returning home to bone each other's brains out during the hottest sex you've ever experienced! There's no situation you wouldn't want Jeff right by your side during as he'd make it fun and make it hot!

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